Pop-up BX 483 Closed and out the door.

Started by Bwosczyna, August 12, 2022, 06:02:03 PM

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Great participation for this quick BX.  
Nearly everything was spoken for.  Obviously, some things were very popular and in short supply.
There are several folks who did not get any of the choices they requested.  I regret there wasn't enough of the pelargonium to go round (only 1) and there was lots of interest in the calostemma and crossyne but very few of them as well. If you didn't get any of your picks this round, do remind me next time you order and I will make an effort to assure you receive something you're after.  Yes, it's a lottery, but I want all our members to benefit.

I sent half the boxes out today and the balance will go tomorrow.  
If you don't receive a box in the next week, you likely didn't get your choice(s). I keep an eye on the tracking so I can see if packages were delivered. If anything appears to be lost in transit, I will advise the recipient.
Thanks and have a super weekend.