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Started by David Pilling, September 03, 2022, 04:19:43 AM

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David Pilling

"Can this be set (like the SRGC) so I get notification of daily postings and just get a clickable list, not the full help page which I then have to navigate?"

So I set up SRGC forum and the PBS forum to send me a daily digest (your user name, top left -> Notifications), and I can see the problem you report.

I suspect the difference is that SRGC are on a slightly older version of the forum software than PBS, and whilst on SRGC everything is on one tab (or page if you like), on PBS there are three buttons

Notification Preferences

Watched Topics

Watched Boards

If you click on the link in a daily digest email you end up on the first of those tabs, and just have to click on one of the others.