AI to change the tone of a text, not the substance?

Started by Martin Bohnet, January 27, 2024, 05:04:26 AM

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Martin Bohnet

Most people know Winter is a pain for me - all the worrying what suffering may lurk around the next swing of the weather... So I got a VERY good weather site, analyzing several models and the control runs, pointing out what can be, could be, and usually being not bad in picking up the correct trends. Only trouble is, the site owner is a flaming fan of winter - can't be too cold for him, the "clean crisp -20°C air" type, and gets whiny about any vegetation day. A good indicator is that he's comparing everything to the averages from CLINO period 1961-1990, so everything seems too hot these days while I'm still suffering. But his analysis of what's to come is the best on the market.

So all I need is an AI, capable of German language, to rewrite his hopes to fears and his fear to hopes - do you know any?
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


The translation to German would be simple enough, the translation from positive to negative and vice versa, more than a little trickier.

In the UK we can get dramatic changes of weather "at the drop of a hat", but very seldom will our Met' Office be far out within 48 hours, less good to a week out. The other advantage is that they produce unadorned stat's, no comments.
This winter, I have been fitting and removing insulation in the greenhouse in response to the forecast,and so far, it has been prefectly adequate enough.