Urginea / Drimia undulata

Started by Carlos, September 01, 2022, 04:54:22 AM

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Hi, I have been after Urginea undulata from different sources, as I strongly believe there are still unnamed taxa (I want to start 'serious' botany).

A friend worked for some years in Algeria (I prefer not to reveal where exactly) and brought this plant. Sorry about the quality.

What we have her eis a plant with ciliated leaves and whitish flowers with a darker midstripe, but what has been typifiued as undulata is a plant woth smooth leaf margins and pink-salmon flowers.

I am stunend by this plant, does anyone have something similar?

I have recently been given one bulb from a Tunisian population which I've been told by a Dutch collector that is different from the Iberian / Sardinian plants, but it has not flowered nor sent out any leaves.

Opinions and photographs are welcome (and seeds or bulbs for exchange).


note: the palnts in Israel have been named Drimia palaestina, they are closer to our plants. Then there is an obscure plant from Tunisia called Drimia ollivieri, but I don't know how it looks like. Finally, Moroccan plants have been named Drimia serotina, synonym Urginea tazensis. I haven't seen them either.

Carlos Jiménez
Valencia, Spain, zone 10
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