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Started by Arnold, September 13, 2021, 09:35:42 AM

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I just realized today that those thumbnail images (or any images on this board) only appear when I am logged in. I did not notice before because it usually keeps me logged in. But today I viewed before logging in.

We have a zoom tomorrow morning about the forum and I do not feel like I have made any progress on this since the last forum because I have not put in the effort. So thanks you guys. I will read what you posted.

Now I will attach an image just for the experience... It is just a screen grab of Goodenia coerulea.
Screen Shot 2020-12-08 at 10.13.57 AM.png

OK learned stuff. If I paste in the attach markup then both the thumb and the full size appear in the post. I assume most of our users will not know what pasting in the attach markup is/does, so won't.
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David Pilling

Nice blues. I suspect we can control when photos appear - guests or not. Some sites are strict about not letting non-logged-in i.e. guests view content. Maybe bandwidth is an issue.

I have never looked at what may be going on with the wiki.

Yes, removing thumbs for inline images is an issue, feel there is a recent comment on it.



A tortoise cat.

I have one that lives outside.

Arnold T.
North East USA

Martin Bohnet

Arnold, Arnold, I told you to concentrate on the Ennealophus  :P 

Hoshi lives wherever she wants, got her own key to the house - the cat flap is coded to her registration chip, just like the one of her pitch black brother Måns. So they do live outside and inside. While Hoshi is a sweet little girl, albeit somewhat shy sometimes, Måns is the one I find snuggled up to me in the mornings more often than not. Lately, he started to lie in the computer chair behind me. Really nice for cold kidneys....

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This is a 'Tortise"cat.

A genetic anomaly.

See here:
Arnold T.
North East USA