Haemanthus Seed Available

Started by SCS, September 28, 2022, 06:46:06 AM

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Hi all-

We have an offering of Haemanthus seed from Mary Sue Ittner, details listed below.

Please send me (not the PBS general list!) an email with your selections and your address at my email address of scsnursery1@gmail.com.

This offer is open until Friday.
Winners will be selected by lottery on Saturday morning.
I will acknowledge receipt of your email within 24 hours.
I will send winners a note on Saturday morning with payment info.
Shipping will be $4.50 as these delicate seeds will need to be sent in a small box, with tracking information.

Haemanthus carneus - just a few seeds, $2.00
 Haemanthus humilis - from pink flowers, fewer $2.50
 Haemanthus humilis - from white flowers, more seeds $1.50
 The last one is from the Stutterheim form shown on the wiki:

Best regards,

Best regards,


apparently I don't check the forum often enough lol