Sinningia flammea

Started by Dennis Kramb, November 30, 2022, 03:09:32 PM

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Dennis Kramb

This species produces a spectacular display of flowers in late autumn for me in my indoor growing conditions.  Its scientific name was just published in 2019, but I've been growing it since 2016 under its original collection name of Sinningia sp. ItaguaƧu (Itaguassu).  Frustratingly it has resisted my attempts at hybridization.  Not that it doesn't produce seeds... but so far none have germinated.

The stems from the previous two years are still attached to the tuber providing it with some aesthetic balance.  The oldest stem has dropped its leaves but last year's stem still has them persisting.  Seeing this plant in bloom reminds me of a ballerina.  Last year this ballerina bloomed in 2nd position (both arms extended, see final photo) and this year she's in 3rd position (one arm extended, first 3 photos).

This is such a unique plant and an absolute joy to have blooming in the winter.  I highly recommend it to anyone with a houseplant addiction.  (It's fully dormant for me in summer months and requires almost no attention whatsoever.)

Dennis Kramb

Here's a better pic of the ballerina in 2nd position from last year.  I was utterly amazed!  I've grown hundreds of different kinds of Sinningias and nothing else looks like this!  

Rick R.

It certainly is a different-blooming one.  Have you tried crossing it both ways - as a pod and pollen parent?  What are you crossing it with?  Maybe you are producing nonviable seed.... they are so tiny, how could you ever tell?
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Dennis Kramb

Yeah both ways whenever possible.  Last year I tried crossing it with sulphurea, brasiliensis, nordestina, barbata, richii, leucotricha, and some hybrids.  This year (so far) I'm trying sulcata, ramboi, and an amabayensis hybrid.  I'll save and freeze flammea pollen to try on other Sinningias that bloom in spring and summer when flammea is dormant again.

I've been advised by some gesneriad botanists to try it on the micro-mini species but i loathe working with them as I've never gotten anything but selfings.

The quest continues!