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Started by Martin Bohnet, November 13, 2022, 12:14:44 AM

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Martin Bohnet

Dear EU and UK Members,

All ordered copies of "Saunder's Field Guide to Gladioli of South Africa" in the EU should have reached their recipients by now, as the second box arrived days before EX05-distribution. As we offered combined postage for EX-Orders and the book, the last few exemplars were sent off around October 20th with the EX05b distribution.


We have still a handful of copies left in the area which are available for 35$ including p&p as a member service.  Please send the sum to @Arnold's PBS Paypal account

Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Hi, Martin, I missed this. I have just decided to start growing SA gladioli. I suppose the book is worth having for strict SA plants, but does it include other species found in Kenya, Zambia etc (watsonioides, atropurpureus)?


Carlos Jiménez
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Martin Bohnet

Unfortunately no, it's really only limited to the South African species. which are gorgeous, of course.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

Robin Hansen

While the book does focus on South African species, I'd think it would be valuable in the sense of geographical and climatic regions giving information on how to grow these bulbs.

Unfortunately, this is the only book that I'm aware that focuses fully on Gladiolus. Two others might be of peripheral interest.

Mountain Flowers by Elsa Pooley which covers the Drakensberg and Lesotho, and maybe Field Guide to Fynbos by John Manning although it's focused on southern SA. An older book Cape Bulbs is probably not much use in this case.

None of the South African books are easily available but the best source might be Struik House Publishers in South Africa

Bulbous Plants of Turkey and Iran has a number of species listed and Bulbs of the Eastern Mediterranean has three listed. I'm told Oron Peri is now writing a book on Bulbs of the Western Mediterranean. The first two are available from the Alpine Garden Society in the U.K. and I assume Peri's new book will be available from them as well.
Robin Hansen
President, PBS