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Started by Martin Bohnet, September 18, 2021, 12:18:40 PM

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Martin Bohnet

Dear Members in the EU and the UK.

The next EU bulb and seed exchange is now open for orders, as usual we have a time window of 3 days, orders close on Tuesday 21st at 24:00h Central European Summer Time. The closure will be announced in this list. Orders will be dealt with at random, so that everybody will have the same chance to get the rare and sought after items. Due to the weather hiccups this summer we decided to run a second BX/SX in late autumn for late ripening seeds or bulbs. And a spring exchange next year, they will be announced separately.

Please remember, that only fully paid members can order from this exchange. If you are not sure about your membership status or if you are tempted to join now, please get in touch with our treasurer Arnold Trachtenberg. (arnold140@verizon.net). You do not need to be a donor to be entitled to order from this list but maybe you will become a donor in the future?  The number of items you can order is not limited, you are allocated one portion of each ordered item but please refrain from asking "one of each" from this extensive list.

We have good and bad news for our UK members. The British government has suspended the compulsory phytosanitary certificate for seeds imported into the UK until the end of this year, so members with a UK address can order SEED. The bad news is that unfortunately we cannot legally ship bulbs to the UK.

All UK members will receive a more detailed personal email.

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS LIST WHEN ORDERING BUT SEND A NEW EMAIL TO MARTIN BOHNET IN GERMANY: ( garak@code-garak.de)  He is the director of the EU Seed and Bulb Exchange. Your order cannot be dealt with if you send it to the list by using the reply button.

And please do not forget to let Martin have your postal address.

Pricing and Payment

Seeds are 2 US$ per portion, bulbs cost 3 US$. Very big or very rare bulbs may be more expensive. Left over seed from previous exchanges are offered at a reduced price of 1US$. Postage is added to your order at cost. Please wait with your payment until you received your order, it will contain a payment slip with the sum due in US-Dollars. If you are a donor your credit will be deducted.

Payment for the EU BX/SX can only be made in US Dollars and only through PayPal. Please go to the bottom of the Bulb Exchange page and fill in the payment form. https://www.pacificbulbsociety.org/bx.html It is a tremendous help for our treasurer if you do not forget to put in the BX-Number and your name. Please wait with payment until your order is checked for availability after the ordering phase.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions ( johannes-ulrich-urban@t-online.de)

This is an announcement for the EU BX only, the US based BX continues unchanged.

Happy browsing!

Uli &Martin

from Martin Bohnet (all seeds)
EX03_001    Allium cernuum
EX03_002    Allium flavum
EX03_003    Alstroemeria lightu
EX03_004    Camassia leichtlinii cream
EX03_005    Gladiolus caucasicus
EX03_006    Gladiolus splendens
EX03_007    Hemerocallis hybrid, diploid, 1st/2nd gen from ,,Frans Hals"
EX03_008    Hesperantha cucullata
EX03_009    Merwilla plumbea
EX03_010    Paradisea lusitanica
EX03_011    Tropaeolum brachyceras

from Gianluca Corazza (seeds)
EX03_012    Zantedeschia odorata

EX03_013    Arum concinnatum OP290001, Crete
EX03_014    Arum sintenisii
EX03_015    Arum wettsteinii COR12, Crete

from Carlos Jiménez (seeds)
EX03_016    Allium commutatum Frioul islands, Marseille, France
EX03_017    Allium pyrenaicum Pyrenees, Spain
EX03_018    Narcissus longispathus Cuenca, Spain
EX03_019    Narcissus obsoletus Málaga
EX03_020    Tulipa australis Alzira, Spain

EX03_021    Narcissus X perezlarae

from Angelika Neitzert (seeds)
EX03_022    Albuca aurea
EX03_023    Albuca setosa
EX03_024    Gladiolus watermeyeri
EX03_025    Habranthus graciliflora
EX03_026    Habranthus robustus
EX03_027    Habranthus tubispathus
EX03_028    Ornithogalum graminifolium
EX03_029    Oxalis convexula stem bulbils (prized as seeds)
EX03_030    Romulea rosea var australis

EX03_031    Babiana ambigua
EX03_032    Babiana stricta
EX03_033    Cyrthanthus elatus x montanus
EX03_034    Drimia uniflora
EX03_035    Ferraria crispa
EX03_036    Ferraria divaricata soft brown
EX03_037    Gladiolus oligophlebius
EX03_038    Gladiolus splendens
EX03_039    Gladiolus tristis
EX03_040    Lachenalia ,,Aqua Lady"
EX03_041    Lachenalia ,,Rosabeth"
EX03_042    Massonia echinata
EX03_043    Oxalis convexula
EX03_044    Oxalis purpurea ,,garnet"
EX03_045    Sparaxis

from Åke Nordström (seeds)
EX03_046    Alium giganteum
EX03_047    Convallaria majalis
EX03_048    Sisyrinchium montanum

EX03_049    Alium giganteum
EX03_050    Alstroemeria pulchella
EX03_051    Arisaema heterophyllum
EX03_052    Haemanthus albiflos
EX03_053    Oxalis depressa

from Liga Plata (seeds)
EX03_054    Arisaema flavum
EX03_055    Pelargonium fulgidum red
EX03_056    Pelargonium fulgidum salmon
EX03_057    Pelargonium gibbosum
EX03_058    Pelargonium sidoides

EX03_059    Babiana pygmaea ex Silverhill
EX03_060    Ferraria crispa
EX03_061    Gladiolus tristis
EX03_062    Gladiolus tristis red stripe
EX03_063    Massonia echinata ex deVries
EX03_064    Massonia pustulata

from Thorben Schneider (all bulbs):
EX03_065    Albuca concordiana
EX03_066    Albuca bruce-bayeri
EX03_067    Cyanella hyacinthoides
EX03_068    Drimia nana
EX03_069    Lachenalia calcicola ,,de Hoop"
EX03_070    Lachenalia calcicola ,,pink form"
EX03_071    Lachenalia nervosa
EX03_072    Lachenalia trichophylla
EX03_073    Lachenalia viridiflora
EX03_074    Massonia bredasdorpensis
EX03_075    Massonia citrina ,,Roi hoogte pass"
EX03_076    Massonia depressa
EX03_077    Massonia depressa ,,reddish flower"
EX03_078    Massonia echinata
EX03_079    Massonia hirsuta ,,n. Stutterheim"
EX03_080    Massonia longipes
EX03_081    Massonia pustulata ,,Napier"
EX03_082    Massonia pygmaea subsp. pygmaea
EX03_083    Massonia tenella ,,nienwondtville"

from Uli Urban (seeds):
EX03_084    Acis trichophyllum
EX03_085    Albuca albucoides
EX03_086    Albuca clanwilliamiglora, selfed with microwaved pollen
EX03_087    Albuca concordiana
EX03_088    Albuca c.f flaccida
EX03_089    Albuca spiralis
EX03_090    Alstroemeria pulchra
EX03_091    Anemone palmata
EX03_092    Freesia alba
EX03_093    Freesia caryophyllacea
EX03_094    Gladiolus carneus
EX03_095    Gladiolus italicus
EX03_096    Gladiolus priorii
EX03_097    Gladiolus splendens
EX03_098    Gladiolus venustus
EX03_099    Hesperantha bachmannii
EX03_100    Hippeastrum Sonatini 'Pink Rascal' X 'Amputo'
EX03_101    Hyacinthoides flacoultiana
EX03_102    Ipheion 'Alberto Castillo'
EX03_103    Iris xiphium blue, ex cultivated plants
EX03_104    Iris xiphium var lusitanica, bright yellow, ex cultivated plants
EX03_105    Ixia viridiflora
EX03_106    Lachenalia bulbifera, bulbili
EX03_107    Lachenalia bulbifera ex Bredasdorp, best form
EX03_108    Lachenalia mediana
EX03_109    Lachenalia mutabilis
EX03_110    Lachenalia namaquensis
EX03_111    Lachenalia pauciflora
EX03_112    Lachenalia quadricolor
EX03_113    Lachenalia salteri, selected good forms
EX03_114    Lachenalia ventricusa
EX03_115    Moraea ochroleuca
EX03_116    Moraea polystachya
EX03_117    Moraea sisyrinchium
EX03_118    Narcissus bulbocodium
EX03_119    Narcissus gaditanus
EX03_120    Ornithogalum dubium
EX03_121    Scilla cilicica
EX03_122    Scilla hyacinthoides
EX03_123    Scilla peruviana 'Grand Bleu' particularly dark blue
EX03_124    Scilla vicentina
EX03_125    Sparaxis elegans
EX03_126    Triteleia ixioides
EX03_127    Tropaeolum brachyceras

EX03_128    Acis ionica
EX03_129    Arum cyrenaicum
EX03_130    Helicodiceros muscivorum
EX03_131    Hippeastrum aulicum, strong seedlings
EX03_132    Hippeastrum equestre, 1 year seedlings
EX03_133    Moraea tripetala
EX03_134    Narcissus obsoletus, autumn flowering
EX03_135    Oxalis commutata
EX03_136    Oxalis flava, yellow
EX03_137    Oxalis spec, received as obtusa but bulbs look different, MV 4719D, ex PBS
EX03_138    Oxalis spec U 41, pink, autumn
EX03_139    Sternbergia lutea
EX03_140    Vagaria parviflora

The next set of seeds is provided by Jan-Willem Vos/ Château Pérouse. We have a special approach due to the extensive catalog: they will send the needed portions to me when the ordering phase is through and we know exactly what was requested. As a minor downside, this will delay  delivery on orders containing those by a few days. Now brace yourself for a REALLY extensive catalog, all seeds:

EX03_141    Albuca clanwilliamae-gloria
EX03_142    Allium acutiflorum
EX03_143    Allium amethystinum
EX03_144    Allium carinatum ssp pulchellum syn: A. coloratum
EX03_145    Allium cernuum  syn: A. recurvatum
EX03_146    Allium crispum
EX03_147    Allium fistulosum
EX03_148    Allium haematochiton
EX03_149    Allium macedonicum
EX03_150    Allium rotundum, syn: A. cilicium,A. jajlae, A. scorodoprasum ssp rotundum
EX03_151    Allium schmitzii
EX03_152    Allium schoenoprasum
EX03_153    Allium subhirsutum
EX03_154    Allium subvillosum
EX03_155    Allium tripedale
EX03_156    Allium tuberosum
EX03_157    Anthericum liliago syn: Phalangium liliago
EX03_158    Aristea ecklonii
EX03_159    Babiana framesii
EX03_160    Babiana mucronata ssp mucronata
EX03_161    Babiana nervosa syn: B. stricta, B. stricta var erectifolia,Geissorhiza imbricata ssp bicolor,Sparaxis villosa
EX03_162    Babiana patula
EX03_163    Babiana rubrocyanea
EX03_164    Babiana sinuata
EX03_165    Babiana tubulosa
EX03_166    Babiana vanzijliae
EX03_167    Bellevalia cyanopoda
EX03_168    Bellevalia dubia
EX03_169    Bellevalia longistyla
EX03_170    Bellevalia romana
EX03_171    Beschorneria septentrionalis
EX03_172    Bloomeria humilis
EX03_173    Brodiaea californica
EX03_174    Brodiaea elegans
EX03_175    Chasmanthe bicolor
EX03_176    Chlorophytum bowkeri
EX03_177    Chlorophytum saundersiae  syn: Anthericum saundersiae
EX03_178    Crinum moorei
EX03_179    Crocus goulimyi syn: C. goulimyi ssp leucanthus
EX03_180    Crocus imperati
EX03_181    Crocus tournefortii
EX03_182    Dipcadi serotinum var fulvum syn: D. fulvum
EX03_183    Fessia greilhuberi
EX03_184    Freesia caryophyllacea syn: F. xanthospila,Tritonia xanthospila
EX03_185    Freesia fucata
EX03_186    Freesia laxa
EX03_187    Freesia leichtlinii
EX03_188    Freesia leichtlinii ssp alba syn: F. alba
EX03_189    Freesia refracta
EX03_190    Geissorhiza corrugata
EX03_191    Gladiolus abbreviatus
EX03_192    Gladiolus carinatus
EX03_193    Gladiolus cunonius
EX03_194    Gladiolus illyricus
EX03_195    Gladiolus tristis syn. G. tristis var concolor
EX03_196    Gladiolus watermeyeri
EX03_197    Habranthus brachyandrus
EX03_198    Herbertia lahue
EX03_199    Hesperaloe parviflora syn: Yucca parviflora
EX03_200    Hyacinthoides cedretorum syn: H. hispanica ssp algeriensis
EX03_201    Hyacinthoides hispanica syn. Endymion campanulatus,Scilla campanulata
EX03_202    Hyacinthoides lingulata
EX03_203    Hyacinthoides mauritanica syn: H. vincentina,
EX03_204    Hyacinthoides non-scripta
EX03_205    Hyacinthoides reverchonii
EX03_206    Ixia contorta
EX03_207    Ixia polystachya
EX03_208    Ixia trifolia
EX03_209    Lachenalia arbuthnotiae
EX03_210    Lachenalia kliprandensis
EX03_211    Lachenalia marginata ssp neglecta
EX03_212    Lachenalia schlechteri
EX03_213    Lachenalia ventricosa
EX03_214    Lapeirousia divaricata
EX03_215    Lapeirousia montana
EX03_216    Leopoldia caucasica
EX03_217    Leopoldia cycladica ssp subsessilis
EX03_218    Leopoldia spreitzenhoferi
EX03_219    Leopoldia weissii
EX03_220    Lomandra longifolia
EX03_221    Moraea bipartita
EX03_222    Moraea britteniae
EX03_223    Moraea collina
EX03_224    Moraea comptonii
EX03_225    Moraea flaccida
EX03_226    Moraea fugax
EX03_227    Moraea marlothii
EX03_228    Moraea miniata
EX03_229    Moraea pendula
EX03_230    Moraea polystachya
EX03_231    Moraea setifolia
EX03_232    Moraea sisyrinchium
EX03_233    Moraea vegeta
EX03_234    Muscari macrocarpum
EX03_235    Narcissus assoanus syn: N. jonquilla ssp jonquilloides, N. juncifolius, N.requienii,N. willkommii
EX03_236    Narcissus dubius
EX03_237    Narcissus flavus syn: N. cordubensis,N. fernandesii
EX03_238    Narcissus obesus
EX03_239    Ornithogalum dictaeum
EX03_240    Ornithogalum richtersveldensis
EX03_241    Ornithogalum umbellatum
EX03_242    Orthrosanthus polystachyus
EX03_243    Pancratium canariense
EX03_244    Pancratium maritimum
EX03_245    Phalocallis coelestis syn: Cypella coelestis,
EX03_246    Pseudomuscari azureum
EX03_247    Pseudomuscari chalusicum
EX03_248    Romulea albiflora
EX03_249    Romulea bulbocodium var crocea
EX03_250    Romulea bulbocodium var leichtliniana
EX03_251    Romulea engleri
EX03_252    Romulea eximia
EX03_253    Romulea gigantea
EX03_254    Romulea ligustica
EX03_255    Romulea linaresii ssp graeca
EX03_256    Romulea longipes
EX03_257    Romulea luteiflora
EX03_258    Romulea nivalis
EX03_259    Romulea obscura
EX03_260    Romulea sabulosa
EX03_261    Romulea saldanhensis
EX03_262    Romulea tabularis
EX03_263    Romulea tetragona
EX03_264    Scilla peruviana
EX03_265    Sisyrinchium californicum syn: S. brachypus
EX03_266    Sisyrinchium graminifolium
EX03_267    Sisyrinchium striatum
EX03_268    Solenomelus pedunculatus
EX03_269    Sparaxis bulbifera
EX03_270    Sparaxis elegans
EX03_271    Sparaxis fragrans
EX03_272    Sparaxis grandiflora ssp acutiloba
EX03_273    Sparaxis grandiflora ssp violacea
EX03_274    Sparaxis pillansii
EX03_275    Sparaxis tricolor
EX03_276    Triteleia laxa syn: Brodiaea laxa
EX03_277    Tritonia deusta
EX03_278    Tritonia dubia
EX03_279    Tulbaghia violacea syn: T. cepacea var maritima,
EX03_280    Tulipa butkovii
EX03_281    Tulipa ostrowskiana
EX03_282    Tulipa systola
EX03_283    Watsonia borbonica ssp borbonica

The following Items from EX02 (Spring 2021) are still availlable. All are seeds priced at 1US$

EX02_005    Hosta ex ,Empress Wu', open polinated
EX02_008    Agapanthus cultivar 45cm, deciduous
EX02_009    Alstroemeria psittacina
EX02_010    Dactylicapnos scandens
EX02_011    Freesia laxa red form
EX02_012    Hesperantha baurii
EX02_013    Iris ensata (blue)
EX02_014    Iris foetidissima
EX02_015    Scilla peruviana
EX02_016    Watsonia sp. red ex Kirstenbosch (labeled meriana?)
EX02_017    Albuca abyssinica Syn. A. bainesii
EX02_018    Albuca humilis ex Lesotho
EX02_019    Albuca tenuifolia Syn. A. shawii
EX02_023    Allium flavum
EX02_024    Allium nigrum
EX02_025    Allium obliquum
EX02_028    Commelina coelestis (tuberosa)
EX02_029    Dietes iridioides
EX02_033    Ornithogalum candicans Syn. Galtonia c.
EX02_037    Allium tuberosum
EX02_040    Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora
EX02_043    Habranthus tubispathus
EX02_046    Iris graminea
EX02_047    Lilium henryi
EX02_050    Drimia purpurascens (syn. undulata) ex Bellús
EX02_051    Iris xiphium (syn. Xiphion vulgare) ex Albufera
EX02_054    Narcissus assoanus subsp. assoanus
EX02_055    Narcissus cantabricus
EX02_058    Narcissus confusus
EX02_062    Narcissus graellsii (syn. bulbocodium)
EX02_064    Narcissus obsoletus ex Villanueva de cauche
EX02_069    Galtonia viridiflora
EX02_075    Allium giganteum
EX02_078    Fritillaria camschatcensis
EX02_079    Iris domestica
EX02_080    Iris setosa
EX02_081    Iris sibirica
EX02_084    Sisyrinchium montanum
EX02_087    Chasmanthe bicolor
EX02_088    Eryngium ,,Miss Wilmot's Ghost"
EX02_089    Melanoselium decipiens
EX02_090    Watsonia ,,Dart Sea Trout"
EX02_091    Watsonia knysnana
EX02_092    Watsonia ,,Peach"
EX02_093    Ceropegia woodii
EX02_094    Albucca spec. ex roscoff
EX02_096    Lilium ex ,,White Triumphator"
EX02_097    Tradescantia boliviana
EX02_098    Zantedeschia albomaculata
EX02_099    Zantedeschia jucunda

Seeds from EX01(fall 20) will be offered this fall for the last time (but still included in the second ordering phase in October), once again all seeds priced at 1 US$:

EX01_002    Aristea ecklonii ex Crûg Farm
EX01_006    Mirabilis jalapa red/yellow broken colors
EX01_007    Pancratium maritimum
EX01_009    Allium roseum
EX01_011    Asphodeline liburnica
EX01_012    Brodiaea californica
EX01_013    Crocus goulimyi
EX01_014    Cyclamen coum
EX01_015    Cyclamen hederifolium
EX01_017    Dietes grandiflora
EX01_020    Freesia laxa red form
EX01_021    Freesia laxa salmon with red spots
EX01_022    Freesia leichtlinii
EX01_023    Gladiolus tristis
EX01_024    Iris xiphium
EX01_025    Lachenalia mathewsii
EX01_027    Lilium candidum
EX01_028    Muscari botryoides
EX01_030    Scilla peruviana
EX01_032    Allium tripedale
EX01_042    Iris sibirica ,,Perry's Blue"
EX01_045    Scilla peruviana
EX01_048    Allium tripedale
EX01_051    Chasmanthe bicolor
EX01_054    Muscari latifolium
EX01_059    Cyclamen graecum
EX01_060    Cyclamen hederifolium

The ordering may start now!
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Hmm - Martin clicking "Announce" didn't really do anything for LowPermissionMartin. All I can see is david's Alert...

Posts in this thread can be used for questions on proceedings or items of the exchange - when ordering phase is closed, I'll unstick it and rename the topic from [open].. to [closed]....

David Pilling

An impressive number of species of bulbs and seeds.

Martin Bohnet

And the best is: UK-citizens can once more order seeds - no bulbs though.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

Martin Bohnet

now that ordering phase is done, I unpin it. Normally, I'd write some info about how it went so far. Most contested Items this time: practically all the Gladiolus on offer. Tread remains open for future messages and questions
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

David Pilling

No alerts, and no email (probably expected) about the EX closure. Today I visited a car forum - interesting that they were running paid for forum software, which apparently gives users control over the size and placement of pictures - anyway I seemed to spend the day getting mal-alerts, something that wanted to entice me into a trap - I could not get rid of the stupid things.

Point being alerts may not be everyone's friend.

As to the car, the old joke has a punchline that only the software engineer suggests driving the car back to the top of the hill to see if the brakes fail again. I can tell you they are all software engineers now.

David Pilling

Today I got the mal-alert again. Despite not having been back to the website. I conclude that alerts are genuine push. I found this quote:

"Web push notifications are messages that come from a website. You get them on your desktop or device even when the concerned web page is not open in your browser. They are a brand new/ nascent marketing channel to re engage your visitors without knowing their email or other contact details."

That then is a good thing - if we can make them work - a method of people getting notifications without email, and without something too complex/old like RSS.