"The Bulb Garden" follow-up thread?

Started by Steve Willson, January 11, 2023, 12:41:02 PM

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Steve Willson

I was wondering whether there is any merit or interest in starting a "The Bulb Garden Follow-Up" thread the same way as we do "Bulb and Seed Exchanges" or "Current Photographs"?  Topics from the December 2022 issue could be "Gone But Not Forgotten", "Crostus spectabilis" and "Arisaema" and the Forum contributions posted there could prolong and widen the discussion of the published articles.  

I greatly enjoyed Bridget's article on Arisaema, and I am at the Beginner stage, and would welcome prolonging the discussion of this.  Likewise with Jane's article; I'm located about 250 miles north of her and am always interested in bulbs that grow well in the PNW.

Just a thought; what do others think?



Good idea Steve.

Throw out some comments or questions and see if there's interest.
Arnold T.
North East USA

Martin Bohnet

As the things you quote are technically subforums, not threads in the software's terms, I wonder which construct do you mean - for now I'd put answers and additions to BG-Articles in the corresponding areas of the forum - which most of the time will be gephyte discussion/General discussion. But if there's enough general interest I'm not opposed to create an extra subforum for Bulb garden article discussions - makes them easier to find if you know there was an article - and harder to fing if you don't.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

David Pilling

I'd suggest posting to the forum when a new issue comes out and what is in it. This information used to appear on the Newsletter page of the website - but we quit updating it. More likely to be seen on the forum.