URGENT: We need Volunteers!

Started by Robin Hansen, January 12, 2023, 08:47:02 PM

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Robin Hansen

Please consider volunteering a bit of your time to PBS. We are in need of two board members – a Secretary who takes minutes at our quarterly board meetings, and a Vice-president who mostly serves as backup to our PBS President. Neither position takes much time and in terms of qualifications, there are few requirements.
For the Secretary position, good spelling of course and attendance at all board meetings (usually four a year) but missing one is not a problem if arrangements are made ahead. For the Vice-president, a good knowledge of Robert's Rules of Order is helpful but can be learned and a willingness to step in and lead a meeting on the rare occasion the President is not available. In both cases, members who have a little plant knowledge and have been members for at least a couple years is helpful because a knowledge of our organization provides an understanding of PBS.
In both cases, you can live anywhere but need to be available for Zoom meetings since the board does not meet in person. If you're in one of various time zones this is not a problem. One board member is in Portugal, another in Germany, some in the eastern U.S. and so on. We accommodate our meeting times so that everyone can attend.
Please consider volunteering! PBS is unique in the world of non-profit plant societies in that we have frequent seed and bulb exchanges that cover many countries and in order to continue these benefits to our members we need the support of board members to make sure we can all take advantage of these special benefits. I know there are lurkers out there who may be hesitant, so you're welcome to sit in on a meeting or visit with some board members via Zoom to get an idea of what we do. Just contact me and I can arrange a Zoom meeting. It's easy and fun to serve on a board whose members are scattered all over the world (well, not Antarctica...).
Robin Hansen
President, PBS