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Started by Uli, February 21, 2023, 02:10:34 AM

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Following the question of a member, this is a step by step instruction how to add pictures to a post to the forum. The test picture is non bulbous deliberately.

To start a new thread and post new pictures go to the forum and choose ,,current photographs"

Go to "new topic" which is marked grey on top.

Put a suitable subject name into the blank subject box and write your text into the blank text field below. Do not yet post.

Then go down to the button ,,attachments and other options and open it. I activated the button ,,notify me of replies" this way you get an email if someone replies to your post. This setting will be saved and can be changed.

Lower down click on ,,add files" In the box drag and drop your files here. I personally do not use the drag and drop function but click on ,,add files".

By clicking on ,,add files" the software offers several options. You can take a photo straight away or go to your own storage files and choose a picture. (I am doing this with Apple on my iPad)

Once the picture has been chosen it will appear as a thumbnail in the attachment box. Next to it you must click on ,,upload" and then the attachment box will turn green. If you do not click on ,,upload" it will not work. Below a green bar will appear which indicates how much of the allocated data for one post you have used for your attachment.

You can, but you do not have to click on ,,insert". If you do, the picture will be inserted into your post as a larger picture, if you don't it will appear as a thumbnail but by clicking on it it will be enlarged. Next to the ,,insert" box is a ,,delete" box. With this the picture can be deleted before posting.

This procedure can be repeated until the green bar gets close to the end. If you attempt to attach too much, a warning will appear.

I recommend to use the ,,preview" function before posting. This enables you to correct something if necessary. The active window for corrections is below the window showing the new text.

By clicking on post your new post including the pictures will be in the forum.
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The only thing I would add is you have to be logged in to make / reply to a post. As a guest you are in read only mode. All the best, Michael


Yes, thank you, Michael, I forgot that. I am logged in ,,forever" because otherwise I was automatically logged out at the wrong moment.

There are more tools that can be used, of course, but that is another contribution.
Algarve, Portugal
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Martin Bohnet

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Mike Rummerfield

Thank you, Uli.
Very helpful.

Hadel-Wedel Hadelda

Thank you Uli.
I appreciate that I can include more than just one picture in one posting.