Started by Too Many Plants!, May 24, 2023, 10:11:14 AM

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Too Many Plants!

Hi, new member here. I don't know how or where to use, get involved, view, which platforms, post, or how to know when bulbs/seed will be offered!?! I have freshly collected seed of a few species from my garden that I was hoping to share too. One of the main reasons I joined was to have opportunities to acquire new genera/species, and I have no idea how that works either. If there was a tutorial somewhere on how to use the key aspects of your membership, that would be great. HELP...67045711624--A264379E-601C-494A-96A6-DAC4BC15CD8A.jpg 62879243491--8A1A9293-20BE-4EC3-9A43-312D801B1DD7.jpg IMG-6299.jpg IMG-0949.jpg

Martin Bohnet

Hi too many!

Obviously, you've already figured out how to post (beautiful) images - usually those would be best placed in the current photographs area:

All the exchange work is done here in this sub-Forum: - currently there are 3 types of exchanges: the North America centered, separate bulb (managed by @Bwosczyna ) and seed (managed by @Jan Jeddeloh ) exchanges and the European Union combined Bulb and seed exchanges managed by me. We all may try to send excess stuff to other territories, but that gets exceedingly difficult, so our local areas will get preferred treatment. The process for all of that is described here:

hope that helps!
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

Too Many Plants!

Thanks for the help Martin!