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Started by Uli, March 01, 2023, 01:55:05 PM

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Dear Members living in the EU

The donation time window for the EU spring seed and bulb exchange is now open until further notice. Please read this notice carefully.

Please send your donation to                Martin Bohnet,
                                                        Ludwigstr. 1
                                                        73035 Göppingen

Please remember that bulbs should be clean and healthy and seed free of chaff and debris.
As in previous exchanges we ask you to pre-pack 5 portions of seed on a voluntary basis, the portions should contain enough seed for a good potful of seedlings, at least 5 seeds with rare plants and less with super rare ones. Seed envelopes are available free of charge from Martin: ( If there is a lot more seed available than 5 packets, you can include a larger packet for Martin to do extra portions if requested. Pre packing seed is a tremendous help for Martin. Bulbs should be sent in one bag per species and not pre-packed.

Please label each species of seed/bulb with the botanical name and your own name.

Every  donor will be refunded the postage for the donation or a minimum of 5 $, please send a copy of your receipt for postage to Martin. And please send Martin an email telling him what you sent so he knows about your donation in case of postal delay.
We will do two consecutive exchanges this spring, the time window for donations will remain open for some time.  As the weather is somewhat unpredictable at this time of the year, we suggest that you send in seed now and bulbs for the second round as they are more prone to frost damage. The second round will be announced through the same channels. Please do not get stressed with seed which is not ripe by now, or with bulbs still growing, they will be for the next autumn exchange.
You are welcome to write comments or instructions for your donated items, this will in general increase demand.

This notice will appear in the PBS Forum, in the old email list and all EU members will receive it as a private email from a mailing list.

This might be a reason for non members to consider joining the PBS, as only fully paid members with a postal address in the EU will be entitled to order.
Once Martin has compiled the new BX list it will go online through the same channels.
Please be aware that the US exchange and the EU exchange are two different ones at different dates.

Thank you all very much in advance!
Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of questions or difficulties. (

Uli and Martin



Dear members living in the EU,

In the meantime we have received quite a few items for the spring exchange.  The first round for mainly seed is scheduled for the weekend of March 24, 25 and 26. Exact timing will be posted. There is Clivia seed which should not be stored very much longer.
So, if you have items to donate for this first round, please send them as soon as possible to Martin and please let him know so that he can include your donation in the offering.
On the other hand there will be a second round for mainly bulbs in April which means that the donation time window remains open until further notice.
Please do not hesitate to contact Uli ( if you have questions.

Martin Bohnet
Ludwigstr. 1
73035 Göppingen
 Martin's email:  <>
Bye for now
Martin and Uli