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Started by Martin Bohnet, November 07, 2021, 04:42:47 AM

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Martin Bohnet

Once again I use it to shrink photos for Wiki usage...
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Arnold T.
North East USA


Is that a Polyxena? It shows up large format in my view, which is fine with me. No thumbnail. 
Here is my Nerine bowdenii.
I neglect my garden on the central coast of California

Martin Bohnet

Seems the Thumbnail or no thumbnail still is a big question mark for some of us...

OK, Thumbs are, when you don't use the insert button, like the pleione and the Tricyrtis

If you use the insert button, you'll get this bog with, among others, Chadd's Ford:

And can steal others if I Guess their ID:
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

David Pilling

Hey Martin... nice bog plants, I always wanted to try those, but never got around to it. Your Nerine are behind mine. Mine have done well, but fading away now.

As to thumbs and images, well this is the nub of the current delay. I believe we should write our own extension that handles them as we want.

Mike Lowitz said something like other people must have done this by now. I've just not found a forum with decent image handling. Given that PBS is currently on a text mail list with poor image handling, it is funny that I expect the step to a forum to involve lots of photos.

As they say, growing plants is a visual business.

I do see lots of bad photo behaviour when roaming around forums. Broken links and vanished photos.

You can of course ignore it, don't care that photos are big and small, links broken, and keep buying disc space for the massive files people upload.

Final word on this, other people have done fine with the forum software that is out there. This forum has been running since March, and it's OK. So over thinking is a possibility.

Was it Donald Trump who said "I think we need to be careful of the Cerberus (false ideal) of perfection.". Probly.

Martin Bohnet

As I said, the Nerines are stolen from Gastil - I had neither bowdeniis nor sarnienseses this year, only one Amarine and a Nerine massoniorum - which seem to flower forever on a single stalk, a month at least.

I hope for the conversion of a few mods when 2.1 gets finalized - hide thumbs on include and include as thumb would be the most useful functions for me i'd guess, but we'll have to wait how intuitive those are, no use in having too fancy functions if only 2 people can handle them.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

David Pilling

Oops on the Nerine - see how effective stealing is.

Thing is, lets revert to the last release version, can we then get mods we are happy with? I believe not.