Some of My Bulbs Have Moved Across the Street

Started by Judy Glattstein, March 08, 2023, 06:24:52 PM

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Judy Glattstein

It must have been the heavy rain / flood we had back in 2020, I think it was. It must have been the flood which - having completely blocked the culvert under the road then flowed over it. 

Now there are suddenly clumps of galanthus and eranthis and leucojum in flower across the street. Some against the fence of the neighbors sheep pasture, others here and there in the adjacent property.

I absolutely know the neighbors never planted them.

I suppose I'll leave them be rather than try to dig them up and move them back. There are too many, and too much to do here at home.

Here's an image of some eranthis in the fallen leaves with the end of a metal guard rail showing.

Bulbs Moved_2023-03_Eranthis hiemalis.jpg.jpg

Martin Bohnet

Hi judy,

of course it's a bit strange to have them appear all at once, but actually all three species are not unheard of seeding around and pop up everywhere - at least in my climate here.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Here, it woould be gopher caches. There's Oxalis purpurea popping up through my neighbor's pavered driveway...20-30 feet from the clumps the gophers harvested.


Ants can also carry seed to the most unlikely places. And both species you mention have a sugar rich appendix to their seeds which is attractive to ants. They eat the sugar and discard the seed.
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