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Started by Ron, March 13, 2023, 02:39:53 PM

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I had a few questions about the several different links used to find recent posts on the forum.  The first 2 below appear on the upper right of all new pages (those showing the new web pages supporting the forum).  The last one shows on the 'Unread Posts' page when there are no new links to display.

Visible Link TextResulting Page TitleLink Action Code
'Unread Posts'Recent Unread Topics       unread
'Updated Topics'Updated Topicsunreadreplies
'Click here to try all unread topics'       All Unread Topicsunread;all;start=0

I mostly use the first one, to see the new items since I last looked.  This is great, as it lets me browse though the recent posts sequentially, as I used to do on the browser interface of the list archive.

I have never seen anything in the 'Updated Topics' page.  If this is replies to topics I started, that may be because I look at 'Unread Posts' first.  What exactly is this one?

'All Unread Topics' had older items in it, dating back to the start of the forum.  I have gradually read these until they were all gone.  Yesterday after reading all of the recent unreads, I looked at all of the unreads.  There were 2, less than 1 day old (I think).  What is the dividing time interval between recent and all unreads?  And is it settable by the user?  I've posted a screen shot below showing an example of this today, but for a bit longer interval than a day.

2023-03-13 13_36_20-All Unread Topics — Mozilla Firefox.jpg

David Pilling

Hi Ron - not questions I know the answer to. It occurs to me that the software we use SMF (Simple Machines Forum) is used by many others, in general they will have met similar problems, but I could not find the answers on Google.

Updated Topics - show new replies to your posts
Seems to do just what it says. Expecting this topic to now show up on the page.

Quote from: Ron Martinolich on March 13, 2023, 02:39:53 PMWhat is the dividing time interval between recent and all unreads? 
Recent is since your last visit (?)


Hi David,

Thanks for pointing out the SMF, I somehow missed the Simple Machines links on the bottom of each forum page!

With that info, I found this link:  https://wiki.simplemachines.org/smf/How_to_view_unread_posts_and_replies

I think the 'Updated Topics' link "displays a list of topics the user has participated in that have unread replies."  I could not test it with your reply because (on autopilot) I of course clicked on the 'Unread Posts' link I always click on.