My H.papilio look-a-like

Started by Hadel-Wedel Hadelda, March 01, 2023, 03:58:46 PM

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Hadel-Wedel Hadelda

I do not know its parentage - it came about spontaneously in this patch of Bromeliads. It is producing daughter bulbs in the abundance (even more than we are accustomed to in H.papilio). Self sterile. I am yet to know whether it is fertile after crosspollination from another DIPloid. If so, then it is valuable bcz. I do not know of any H.papilio look-a-like producing an umbel of 6 florets per scape. BANZAI and CHEERIO!!!



Very interesting. Where did you get the Bromelia from in which the Hippeastrum turned up? H. papilio is an epiphytic plant in habitat so maybe the Bromelia had seed in it? Just a guess.

Try the microwave method for self sterile Hippeastrum. It has worked for me in the past with Hippeastrum.

Good luck 

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Hadel-Wedel Hadelda

Hello Uli, the seeds were from potted Hippeastrums in the same greenhouse, 
ie they were not introduced via the Bromeliads. These are a collection of the local Botanical garden.
I am crosspollinating a lot between Cybister-hybrids of H.papilio, but this specimen looks different.
And WOW - thank you for the microwave suggestion.

Hadel-Wedel Hadelda

Yet another seedling is producing its 2nd bloom,
in the proximity...
THUS I think it is fair to assume that it is "a sibling"
The first scape 4 florets, and the 2nd, to my amazement, SIX florets

Jan Jeddeloh

Better protect your six flower specimens from fast fingered thieves.  I can see a hippeastrum hybridizer being real tempted to walk off with your baby.

Hadel-Wedel Hadelda

I fully acknowledge your suggestion...
On the other hand we are yet to experience theft/vandalism in this greenhouse.
the most fraction of the year, we will only see inconspicuous green leaves on this crop.
the only "theft", currently, has been the successive removal of seeds,
obtained after crosspollinating two different clones of H.aulicum v.robustum.
My  fault... the seed pods had already opened...
Obtaining seed from H.aulicum var.robustum is not a trivial project,
bcz the clones are strictly self-sterile.
Quite the contrary as compared to H.aulicum, all clones I have are self-fertile.