Is this Allium of some kind?

Started by jindarose, March 18, 2023, 05:37:35 PM

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The bulb itself is a single pretty hard &  solid (like jicama), has a thin white covering, no layering.  It sent out roots and sprouted readily over water, but I don't recognize the early leaves.  Not sure if or where to plant it until I know more. 



It looks like a Hyacinth.  If the folige when bruised smells like onions it may be an Allium.
Arnold T.
North East USA


Buds look far too big for hyacinth. Hyacinth bulbs are also generally nearer spherical and seldom completely without colour entirely.
Allium seems unlikely but possible, although quite a few closely realted bulbs (Tulbaghia for instance, which this isn't), smell of onions/garlic.

I am not familiar with the plants except in photo's, but maybe chincherinchee?