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Started by Arnold, March 07, 2023, 07:54:03 AM

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Martin Bohnet

So spring has moved into that wonderful "something new everyday" phase - Chionodoxa always was seeding around like mad, it seems now that Anemone blanda
Height: 10-20 cm (3.9-7.9 inch)
Flower Colors: white, pink, purple, blue
Flower Season: early spring to mid spring
followed that example in the lawn.

Corydalis solida
is always a few days sooner than my native Corydalis cava
Height: 10-20 cm (3.9-7.9 inch)
Flower Colors: white, purple, pink
Flower Season: early spring to mid spring
Life form: deciduous tuber
, but I've seen the more spectacular species also stir already. Talking about seasons: someone should tell Leucojum aestivum
that aestivum means summer - but Leucojum vernum
, "Märzenbecher" (March Cups) in German, were through well before the end of February. Then again, there's once more the threat of frost so I may have to move some mediterraneans like Freesia viridis
back inside... but other odd color scheme plants are planted out and won't move - talking about you, Fritillaria sewerzowii

new entries to the collection, all planted out: the natural hybrid Anemone lipsiensis, a white form of Iris vicaria
from Janis Ruksans' Nursery and Ficaria verna
Height: 0-10 cm (0-3.9 inch)
Flower Colors: yellow
Flower Season: early spring to mid spring
Life form:  tuber
Climate: USDA Zone 5-8
"Blueberries and cream" - for which you'll need perfect lighting and some imagination to have the blueberries- look on closed flowers.

Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Quote from: petershaw on March 12, 2023, 08:45:54 AMGeissorhiza corrugata from the bulb ex. Thanks!

We've had so much rain and cloud cover that I had to bring them into the garage and put then under one of my shop lights to get the flowers to open. I guess more light is needed early to get the twisted leaves.

IMG_2348.jpg IMG_2347.jpg

These 2 pots are still blooming. There must be something wrong with them, So what gives? Invasive?  :D