Next US Seed Exchange

Started by Jan Jeddeloh, April 23, 2023, 06:00:28 PM

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Jan Jeddeloh

You may have been wondering when this year's first US seed exchange would happen.  The answer is at the end of May or early June after I get back from my trip to Europe.  I'm leaving May 2nd for the Czech International Rock Garden Conference and then traveling on the Great Britain to see even more gardens. Woo hoo!  I get back May 24th.  

I considered doing a seed exchange before I left but decided that way led to stressed out madness.  Most of the seed is packaged, organized and ready to go so I should be able to announce the next exchange fairly soon after I return.  I am still accepting seed but be aware that you won't be getting any acknowledgment of seed arrival when I'm gone.  My non-gardening husband will be home taking care of the cat and the garden so seed will be picked up from the mail box.  If you send seed please, oh pretty please, include a slip of paper with your email address so I don't have to go hunt it up.

Jan Jeddeloh