Albuca? Came labeled as Ornithogalum

Started by petershaw, May 06, 2023, 06:36:08 AM

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Gift from an old friend. Labeled O. longibracteatum but not it for sure.

Leaves are thin grasslike, flower stalks branched with flowers vertical and not really opening up fully.

The Wiki page mentions a section of Albuca with vertically held flowers but I cant find a list of those to try to ID it.


IMG_2662.jpg IMG_2663.jpg IMG_2664.jpg

Martin Bohnet

You say they don't open fully - what's your current temperature window? may it be too cold to have them open?
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Mid 50's F

not really warm and tired of the rain.  :(


Hello Peter,

If it is cool and you are tired of the rain, the flowers might not open because there is no direct sun. Many South African plants will not open their flowers on dull days.
I really like Albuca but I find them very difficult to identify. There are quite a few in my collection without a name or with a question mark behind their name. I can for sure say that it is not Ornithogalum longibracteatum but otherwise......... I do not know.

Sorry about that 

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We have finally had some very nice warm sunny weather and no change to the flowers. I would have put them in my greenhouse but my friends plants always have scale.....

Thanks for trying, much appreciated