Evergreen Watsonia?

Started by NanSterman, June 25, 2023, 04:30:18 PM

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I been growing several kinds of Watsonia for 25+ years and one clump seems to have gone rogue.  It hasn't gone dormant in a few years.  It started blooming a few days ago, weeks after all the other watsonia have totally finished blooming.  I've never seen an evergreen watsonia before, nor one that blooms this late in San Diego County area.  Has anyone else observed this?



Hello Nan,

There are many evergreen Watsonia species. Depending where they originally come from, which means from either winter rain or summer rain climates they behave accordingly but some grow in moist places and remain evergreen.
There is a good reference in the pictured book.
I have made an involuntary selection towards winter growing Watsonia by killing the summer growers and evergreen ones with the same regime I apply to my winter growing bulbs. Seedlings cannot scream for water and need to be moved to the summer water crates in time......
My best Watsonia is W. marginata, going dormant now.
Algarve, Portugal
350m elevation, frost free
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I had n idea there were evergreen Watsonia Lili - thank you.  This one does not need any summer water.  it grows in my dry summer bed  which is part of the reason its acting evergreen is so surprising to me!