Recalcitrant Seed (Haemanthus albiflos) available

Started by Robert_Parks, May 27, 2023, 10:41:51 AM

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Hello again-

We have a seed share that may be of interest to you.  Thanks to
Mary Sue Ittner who harvested the seed and brought it to the post office!

Please email me privately at by Tuesday night, May 30th,
I will portion seed, invoice and probably ship Wednesday or Thursday.
$6.50 per portion including shipping (Canada will calculate once packaged-usually US$15-20)

Please include your name and shipping address in your email. Shipping is at your risk, weather conditions at the delivery point can affect ephemeral seed viability.

Haemanthus albiflos - some are already sprouting, so be ready to plant them. The minimum portion will be 5 seeds.