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Started by Martin Bohnet, November 14, 2021, 03:13:43 AM

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Martin Bohnet

After 3 (seasons) European Exchange it's time to share some information.

On the seed side, we have a clear focus - 3 families dominate, with the rest somewhat trailing off:

Iridaceae   36,66 %
Asparagaceae   28,43 %
Amaryllidaceae   18,20 %
Liliaceae   3,99 %
Araceae   1,50 %
Asphodelaceae   1,50 %
Alstroemeriaceae   1,25 %
Geraniaceae   1,25 %
Primulaceae   1,00 %

with less than 1%, we have the families of Ranunculaceae, Tropaeolaceae, Apiaceae, Apocyanaceae, Colchiaceae, Commelinaceae, Nyctaginaceae, Aristolochiaceae, Asteraceae, Campanulaceae, Cannaceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae, Paeoniaceae, Papaveraceae, Strelitziaceae and Zingiberaceae

on the bulb side, there is more diversity, though of course with less overall offers:

Asparagaceae   24,24 %
Iridaceae   18,18 %
Amaryllidaceae   15,15 %
Gesneriaceae   12,88 %
Oxalidaceae   12,12 %
Araceae   11,36 %
Liliaceae   1,52 %

 the honorable mentions being Alstroemeriaceae, Commelinaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Orchidaceae, Saxifragaceae and Tecophillaceae.

To see all the 401 seed species and 132 bulb species along with their relative abundance and season of availability please consult the following files:
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

David Pilling

Good work Martin. I see the PDFs are on the server. Should I link them to the BX history page, where the stats for the main BX are collated.

It is useful for people to know if things they want are likely to come up.