[closed] SX 479 Special Genus edition: Gladiolus

Started by Martin Bohnet, January 20, 2022, 11:46:32 AM

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Martin Bohnet

posting for Jan Jeddeloh

After I took over the Bulb Exchange Luminita, the previous BX manager, sent me seed left over from previous exchanges.  I will be offering that seed as genus collections and "Grab Bags" for bargain basement prices.  These special seed distributions will all carry the SX 479 designation. The second genus collection is gladiolus . I know some of you have been enjoying the Saunders' new book.  Now is your chance to get some gladiolus seed and grow your own beauties. Each share will cost $10 plus postage.  You will receive an invoice with the seed.

Here's how to apply for one of three identical gladiolus shares. Each share will contain seed of all the gladiolus listed below.  Seed amounts will vary by species.

1)    Make sure your 2022 membership is paid.  You can check with Jane McGary at janemcgary@earthlink.net <mailto:janemcgary@earthlink.net> if you're not sure.  Several people missed out on consideration for the calochortus shares because their membership was not up to date.

2)    Respond to me at seedyjan1@gmail.com <mailto:seedyjan1@gmail.com> with your name, mailing address and email. The subject line should read "Gladiolus share".  Your name and address must be in the following format so I can easily cut and paste it.

John Doe

1234 Smith St.

Anywhere, OR

If I receive more than three requests I will pick three people at random. I will take requests until January 22nd, 5pm Pacific Standard Time (1 am GMT).


Each share contains the following gladiolus species:

Gladiolus maculatus

Gladiolus venustus

Gladiolus pulcherrimus

Gladiolus ceresianus

Gladiolus arcuatus

Gladiolus uysiae

Gladiolus illyricus

Gladiolus alatus

Gladiolus stellatus

Gladiolus cunonius

Gladiolus meliusculus-few seeds 2019 seed

Gladiolus watermeyri

Gladiolus longicollis

Gladiolus carinatus

Gladiolus virescens
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