Caladium Resurection

Started by Judy Glattstein, August 01, 2023, 07:44:51 AM

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Judy Glattstein

Last fall I brought in several pots of caladiums and put them in the basement for a winter rest. Then forgot about them. When discovered in ? late June or perhaps the beginning of July the soil was dust and the tubers . . . well, take a guess as to what they looked like. So I threw them into the compost heap.

A eureka moment - they resurrected themselves. Multiple healthy leaves appeared. So I dug them out and potted them up. They are thriving and I am happy.


I'll have to go check my compost pile.  I've chucked several back there.  Plants never fail to impress me.  I love when seemingly dead bulbs come back to life (something magic about the compost pile!)


They don't have to go through the compost pile.....  ;) The key to success is to keep the dormant tubers dry in the substrate at a minimum temperature of 12, better 15 degrees centigrade during winter. I had to learn this the hard way.....
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