Leggy Cyclamen seedlings

Started by LisaMeeker, August 22, 2023, 02:19:12 PM

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I just discovered a pot of Cyclamen coum seedlings in my garden that had sprouted. Some look quite healthy but ALAS there is a batch that are quite leggy. Should I plant them on and move them to more light? Compost them with apologies for the inattention? Suggestions appreciated.
-Lisa Meeker in sunny Sebastopol

David Pilling

Speaking as the patron Saint of lost causes, why chuck them, you have nothing to lose by giving them a chance.

I'd be wary of splitting up seedlings that are growing, just put the lot in a bigger pot if necessary and split them up when they go dormant for the first time. I'd also be wary of full strength sunlight.


Thanks for the encouragement David. I reach out to the Patron Saint of Lost Causes frequently!


No, don't discard them. That has also happened to me. I recommend fertilizing them and gradually give more light but take care not to burn them. The fertilizer will probably induce a new set of ,,normal" leaves and the problem is solved.
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I agree, keep them in the pot until they go dormant, check the tuber size then. If still quite small (pea to dime sized), leave intact for another year if all of them have a little room to grow. Move into brighter shade slowly, most cyclamen do not need more than bright shade to do well. 
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