Plant labeling in hot climate

Started by Uli, September 15, 2023, 02:19:03 PM

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Dear All,

From a new member in Spain I got the following question due to illegible faded labels.....

QuoteOut of interest what do you use to label your plants?

Here is my reply:

For garden pens I stopped using the so called permanent markers altogether as none of them, whatever the brand was could withstand the southern sun. I find a soft grade classic lead pencil unbeatable, there are special garden pencils available, get one of these. The next problem will be brittle plastic. This year I am starting to put one label in the very bottom of the pot and another one sticking to the side as usual. It serves two purposes, the buried plastic will not become brittle and in case of loss or misplacement of the visible label there is a reference in the bottom of the pot.

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Hi all,

If you use your lead pencil on a wooden label [like a popsicle stick, but wider, there will be co brittle labels. I buy a 1/2 sheet of 1/4 " plywood and cut it into 3/8" strips, which I cut to 4" lengths.

After writing your label, a coat of marine spar varnish will make it outlast you.

Marc Falls City, OR  zone 8b
Marc Rosenblum

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