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Started by Martin Bohnet, February 15, 2022, 12:35:26 PM

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Martin Bohnet

Posting for Jan Jeddeloh

The US seed exchange is now open for donations.  Please read ALL the instructions carefully and contact me at seedyjan1@gmail.com <mailto:seedyjan1@gmail.com> if you have any questions.

The seed exchange welcomes all non-ephemeral geophyte seed, but not in unlimited quantities.  I only need enough seed for a maximum of ten packets unless the seed is unusually desirable.  Examples of seed with extraordinary desirability would be Paramongaia and Tecophilaea.  Bulbs of these plants are either not available commercially or very expensive.  For most seed a tablespoon is quite sufficient for ten packets.  If your seed is huge (pea size or bigger), it would be appropriate to send a bit more.

I am stressing not sending too much seed because, when I took on this job, I discovered old seed in rather massive quantities, far beyond what we'd ever use.  One donor sent in over a cup (50ml) of seed!  Folks, this should not happen again.  Don't make me throw out seed (I hate that).

Wild-collected seed, with geographic collection information, is very welcome. Wild seed must be collected in accordance with local laws and applicable regulations.

Please label each bag with the precise name of the plant (scientific name if possible) and your own name so that all donations are clearly identified and can be mentioned by donor. You can send as little as about 10 seeds of one species.

If you are willing to prepack seed, please let me know how many free seed envelopes to send you.  Be sure to include your mailing address.  Prepacking the seed will greatly reduce my workload.  In general, each envelope should have at least 10 seeds. Rare seed can have less. If you're unsure how many seeds to packet just send me the seeds and I'll pack them.  If you think your seed will be especially desirable and you have extra, you can send it in a separate envelope and I will pack it as needed.

No one is required to prepackage seed.  I realize not everyone has the necessary  time, dexterity, or inclination to do this.  Jane and I can take care of it.  Please, however, make sure your seed is clean of chaff and dirt.

If you wish to donate seed from outside the U.S., please let me know.  I have a Small Lots of Seed Permit I can send you to attach to your parcel.  This form is required for all seed entering the U.S.

As a donor you will get a credit equaling the postage you paid to send your donation, and you can apply this credit to what you order.

Please remember that you must be a fully paid member of the PBS to order from our seed and bulb exchanges. You do not have to be a donor to order. All U.S. and non-EU members can order from the U.S. seed exchange.  EU members have a separate seed exchange because a phytosanitary certificate is required for entry into the EU, and PBS cannot supply this.

I anticipate the seed exchange will be open for donations for a couple of months, and I will give a week or more notice of the closing date.  I will open the exchange for requests two or three weeks later, after I have had time to label the seed packets.

Send your seed to:

Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)

Jan Jeddeloh

Hello all,
The last day for me to receive submissions for this seed exchange will be Saturday May 7th.  Any donations received after that date will be held for the next seed exchange.

The address for seed donations is:


Remember the seed exchanges and the bulb exchanges are managed by different people now.  Do not send seeds to Bridget or bulbs to me!

Thank you,

Jan Jeddeloh