Happy New Year

Started by Bwosczyna, January 11, 2024, 06:56:12 PM

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to send out a note to welcome our new members and thank our renewing friends. Membership is steadily climbing and we've had many folks take advantage of our offer to renew for several years at the former yearly rate  To each of you, the Board thanks you for your support. 

We had lively participation in the seed and bulb exchanges last year and I'm hopeful for more of the same this year. I will continue on as US BX manager and am excited to have Lisa Zankowski as our US SX manager.  Things will continue on with the EU BX and SX as before, with Martin and Uli at the helm for our international members.  

Our member donors are incredible.  I would like to remind everyone that seed and bulb donations are what keep the BX and SX humming. If you have only a few of something to share, we will offer them. I often receive just one item of something in a donation. I happily include it in the BX so another member can have a chance at growing something wonderful (and usually commercially unavailable).

We are deep into winter here in the US and I am hopeful that everyone's winter growers are thriving.  I would love it if some folks would privately email me directly and share a couple pictures of their progress. What's hot in your glasshouse, garden or plunge bed right now? Did you have screaming success with something last summer?  Let's see it!  I have been remiss in keeping up with posting on social media and would appreciate a few pics that I can share with our Instagram and Facebook accounts. The Forum is of course a great site for discourse and stories, but some folks are unsure how to upload pics or do not wish to spend time at the computer.  I am happy to give photo credit (or not, if that is your wish).  I know you're out there and growing fabulous things.  Show us!  

I also need to recognize the behind-the-scenes folks who make the Society function and am grateful for all of the Board who volunteer so much time to our merry band. 

Feel free to contact me privately (bulbexpbs@gmail.com) if you have any questions. I have an open door (mailbox?) policy and welcome dialogue with our members.  I may not respond right away, but I will respond.

New year, new plants.  New opportunities.  

I wish everyone the best for their endeavors this year.


P.S. The new edition of The Bulb Garden will be finished shortly.  Final touches are being added.