Seeking Editor for The Bulb Garden

Started by Emil, February 25, 2024, 12:44:08 PM

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Dear Community Members of the Pacific Bulb Society:

Your Board is looking for an individual to serve, with assistance from others, as editor of our quarterly newsletter, The Bulb Garden. Elite Bulb Nerd status is not a prerequisite!

We consider The Bulb Garden to be an important vehicle for keeping in touch with you, the members; for advancing cultural and botanical wisdom about geophytes; and for generally demonstrating our passion for these plants. It is also a platform for recipients of Mary Sue Ittner (MSI) Grants to share what they've learned in their research, which you the members have funded.

Already in place are people who will acquire articles and images, a professional copyeditor, and the PBS treasurer, who manages the printing and mailing phases. The editor would therefore be responsible for combining articles, images, news updates, and regular PBS business, into a graphically pleasing pdf format, and sending that off to be printed, four times per year. They would of course be able to submit articles for publication, as can any of our members. (Please, write an article!)

While subject to some oversight from the Publishing Committee and financial constraints on production costs, the editor would have broad artistic license to determine the format and aesthetic of The Bulb Garden. 

A small stipend is available on a per-issue basis. The position will be filled as soon as possible in order to maintain our quarterly publication schedule (the most recent issue was just mailed). 

Please send inquiries and applications to the PBS president, Bridget Wosczyna,

Emil Friend, Secretary