Androcymbium Germination?

Started by CG100, January 03, 2024, 04:12:36 AM

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(Now considered to be Colchicum.)

I have sown several species, from 2-3 suppliers, over the past 18 months or so, sown late summer-early autumn to cycle cool to warm, in the greenhouse. Having a very minor sort of the greenhouse, I now realise that nothing has germinated, so far.

I am now collecting the several pots to try some experiments in a heated propagator.

Does anyone have any experience from seed?

I suspect that they aren't very popular, but I like several species and ssp.. I don't believe that I have ever seen bulbs for sale anywhere, or as part of society bulb X, so it must be at least uncommon.



I tried A. rechingeri from Crete. I sowed in autumn and one seed germinated the following autumn, and two more a year after. So don't throw them away.

I also tried A. europaeum and got nothing...

I have not tried South African species.

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I have spoken to a well-known grower in mainland Europe and he is of the opinion that very fresh seed is required.
They have sown plenty of seed and only had one germinate.

I will keep the pots here for another year - nothing lost by doing that - but it seems unlikely that they will produce anything.


I don't think that a heated propagator will help with winter growing seed. Normally heat stops germination. I will ask an experienced friend and will come back to you 
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Thanks @Uli

The only time that I use a propagator/heat with winter-growing species, is if the seed is said to require temperature swings (such as Lachenalia) and I can't achieve that without.

Late summer into autumn will be OK in the greenhouse, but at this time of year there will be little or no difference day-night, depending on weather - I would use some heat during the day to get 20-25C in the pot (currently we have 8-12C night and day, but as everyone knows UK weather changes an awful lot - at the end of the week we have around freezing all day).

The Androcymbium here are all in the greenhouse now. Minimum around 6C.

Lots of winter-growers - Gladiolus, Albuca, for instance - will germinate well on a window-sill indoors at this time of year, so 15-20C, almost constant.