January 2024

Started by Mike Lowitz, January 02, 2024, 01:42:29 PM

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Sternbergia candida


Asphodelus acaulis. I've been told that it can be self fertile, I hope this selfing is successful.


Allium reconditum, a rather mysterious and unknown species from Andalusia. I am trying to ascertain if is really the same as Allium chrysonemum, another little known plant from further east. One of the few Allium with hairy leaves in Spain, I think that it is the only one if you don't consider Allium chamaemoly as 'hairy'.

Carlos Jiménez
Valencia, Spain, zone 10
Dry Thermomediterranean, 450 mm


Gladiolus uysiae sweetly scented
Arnold T.
North East USA

Too Many Plants!

Arnold...Love your Ferraria, and Gladiolus Uysiae! And your G. Venustus, a species which I planted years ago never to be seen again,
 and haven't since had an opportunity to acquire again.


Thanks, TMP.

they grow in a cool New Jersey greenhouse with many other SA bulbs.  Sleep during the summer in a cool basement.
Arnold T.
North East USA

Martin Bohnet

As I mentioned before, January isn't my most floriferous time, but we're slowly moving forward again, as we're about a week out of the icy cellar before.

Daily travelling from the shelter to the sunny front door stairs are Whiteheadia bifolia
- or Massonia bifolia
as Kew classifies it currently - the battle between lumpers and splitters around Masonia isn't over, as Desertia (unaccepted) and Namophila (accepted) float around... Another traveller is Pterostylis truncata (the epithet with a grain of salt as I'm not 100% sure yet - confirmation or other opinions welcome). I adore these little aliens - put them in any science fiction set and everyone will instantly believe they are not from this planet.

The outside world slowly wakes up and gives more color - Cyclamen coum
obviously has survived the slug attack in December and the freezing period a week ago, and Crocus antalyensioides
is among the first greetings in yellow. Opening up still is hard as the sun only barely touches the ground - low angle and close buildings are always a problem in winter, but things change fast now. A few Snowdrops are out, cheap ones and expensives alike, but need a day of warmth or two more until reaching a presentable state.
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


 Additional Gladiolus uysiae.

One photo showing the papillae on the edge of the stigma.
Arnold T.
North East USA


Finally some sunlight.

Better definition.

Ferraria divaricata
Arnold T.
North East USA