Pasithea caerulea dormancy period(s)?

Started by PaulSiskind, February 28, 2024, 05:01:54 PM

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Does anyone have experience growing Pasithea caerulea in a temperate climate?  I've read that even though it comes from dry areas of Chile, it can grow in the UK, perhaps even down to Zone 6. 

I germinated some seeds indoors in the Fall, and they've been growing indoors under lights for a few months.  My plan was to keep them growing indoors until May, then move them outside to adjust to summer before going dormant in Fall.  However, I've read that in Chile they also go through a Summer dormancy, but I haven't been able to find out whether they also go dormant in Winter in Chile.

So, my questions are:
- Should I follow my original plan, and try to keep them green indoors until Summer, then set them out and let them go dormant (even if they start senescing early)?
- However, they seem to be starting to go dormant now even though it's "not Summer" in my plant room.  If they go dormant in March-April, should I just let them sleep all the way until Fall?  Or should I let them be dormant for perhaps 2 months, then see if they wake up for another short growing season before Summer actually hits here in July or August?

Thanks for your suggestions.


It grows and spreads in my open garden here in the SE UK, with no special treatment. Flowers in (early?) summer. Lots of seed. Probably best amongst/high lighting other plants; a bit "thin" as a feature plant.



The PBS webpage for the species is very helpful.

Pasithea | Pacific Bulb Society

It is an uncommon UK garden plant - it is offered by a few nurseries selling garden plants rather than ones meant for indoor cultivation.
It naturally grows acoss much of Chile from sea level to high elevations.