Diplarrena moraea & Latifolia seedlings.

Started by MarcR, April 22, 2022, 12:16:17 AM

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Miy Diplarrena seeds planted  25 days ago are now strong healthy seedlings with rhizomes formed but no leaf yet.

In the past after months I got only a small percentage germinated.  This time i diluted KNO3 1/4 tsp/liter; and soaked the seeds in that solution for 5 minutes before planting. It works very similarly to GA3 in other genera.
Marc Rosenblum

Falls City, OR USA

I am in USDA zone 8b where temperatures almost never fall below 15F  -9.4C.  Rainfall 50"+  but none  June-September.  We seldom get snow; but when it comes we get 30" overnight.  soil is sandy loam with a lot of humus.  Oregon- where Dallas is NNW of Phoenix.