Hippeastrum lara-ricoi and pampeanum

Started by Carlos, March 09, 2024, 12:39:38 AM

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Hi, I was looking for the article where H. pampeanum was published and found this in the old mailing list:

Hippeastrum pampeanum, Hippeastrum lara-ricoi - informationLuca Bove (Tue, 18 Feb 2020 12:46:11 PST)

Hi all I would like to ask for more information on 2 species of Hippeastrum:
Hippeastrum lara-ricoi (Moya, Villalba & Zenteno) Hippeastrum pampeanum.

Can anyone share the official description of plants?


<Jane McGary (Tue, 18 Feb 2020 13:28:23 PST)
Although the monograph on Hippeastrum in Bolivia that we hope to publish someday is by Raul Lara Rico, a senior botanist of that country, that species named in his honor apparently doesn't come from Bolivia, and the other Luca mentions is almost certainly from Argentina.

So, sorry, Idon't have this information.Jane McGary>

I happen to be also looking for the paper of H lara-ricoi.

The journal asks for $20 and I was about to pay, even if I hate having to pay for scientific papers as I know that the money does not go to authors, but it's not so expensive after all, but if someone wants to share the amount...

H. lara-ricoi

One page with photos from the paper is shown when you launch the name:


It is indeed a Bolivian plant, apparently very similar, if not the same, as H. yungacense and 'H. escobaruriae'.

I was thinking that it is the plant sold as yungacense by Telos, but it rather seems a hybrid (Kiara?)


What I consider 'typical' yungacense has flowers of a dull garnet red, even more zygomorphic and reminding of glaucescens that the previous two:


But one could consider that it is intraspecific variation. Both types grow in the same area.

Regarding H pampeanum, the name is misleading as they also call 'pampa' some grassy habitats in Southern Brazil. In addition to this, the name is not in IPNI, so I doubt that it has been published at all.

Telos offers this plant as well, from seed of Regis Bastian surely.

There is something going on with multi-flowered red Hippeastrum in Southern Brazil, as for a long time there was 'only' sanctae-catarinae, but suddenly the splitting fever burst up and now 'there are' laklano, multiflorum, pampeanum, ramboi and one more I forgot, I think.

Even Bastian admits that some are probably the same (I recommend the groups 'Amaryllidaceae: home for all' and 'Planet Botanical Hippeastrum' on Facebook. Even Lara Rico's posts are seen there).

A Russian living in Italy is selling all of them, grown from seed bought from Mauro Peixoto (laklano) and Bastian (the rest). I will buy one of each for my project.

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