Nutrition for daffodil beds

Started by Bob Hoel, March 19, 2024, 08:16:41 AM

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Bob Hoel

I noticed this year that a few of my long planted daffodils have not bloomed as well as in past years and I feel like it is time to provide them with some nutrition.  My thoughts are to use a granular fertilizer spread around the ground over the bulbs, letting the rains carry it down to the bulbs' roots.  Any suggestions on what fertilizer has been successful for you?  Or do you do something else entirely?

Bob Hoel
Chicago area where we have had an unseasonably early Spring.


A couple of generous waterings while in active growth with tomato fertiliser (high potash) will transform them, even if congested, even within two flowering seasons - poor this, excellent next.

Apply with a rose, as fine as you can find, as a lot can be absorbed through the leaves.

A once a year regime is wise.