Bulb EX Harvest Timing

Started by petershaw, March 27, 2024, 06:01:21 AM

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I am newish here, so I am trying to wrap my head around the timing of the bulb exchanges and my "bulbs".

Can I assume this current one is for summer growers and the bulbs have been harvested and stored all winter?

Most of my collection are seed grown and I am trying to keep them growing for now to increase the bulb size. When they go dormant later this spring and early summer I will divide them, make a few selections and hope to share the rest.

When I divide my winter growers, should I paper bag them and store them in a cool location for some other exchange date?

I think my question is answered in my post but I am mentally and physically preparing for the huge job of dividing my seed pots.



Pretty much...which can get frustrating in our climate, where many summer growers are already in growth, but it does mean that shipping is safer across the country.

I didn't do a personal winter distribution because I never got a break when I had time.

still with no time between the summer and winter gardens.


I can relate to the lack of time between seasons. 
We spent 25 years in Eastern Washington with real distinct seasons, now in Santa Cruz, nope, I have an apple that still has last years foliage.