Unknown from Ruch Bancroft Garden, Tilden and Berkeley BG

Started by petershaw, April 02, 2024, 05:33:27 PM

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Babiana rubrocyanea RBG.jpg
Babiana rubrocyanea ?

IMG_4486.jpg   IMG_4487.jpg
Bright yellow flattened 2-sided inflorescence?

Tilden BG
Calocortus what...?

Berkeley Botanic Garden
No clue

Watsonia BBG.jpg
Watsonia ,.......?


The first one looks like Gladiolus trichonemifolius, and the second Glad looks like alatus (or one of the lookalikes). Alatus is quite happy with out coastal climate.

Too Many Plants!

First one looks very close to my G. Tristis, and I do believe there is some variation in that sp..

Too Many Plants!

B. Rubrocyanea looks correct to me.
3rd yellow flowers I'd guess Ixia, but the short wide sword-shaped foliage has me wondering...no clue on sp. though.
That Spectacular Gladiolus I believe is either Equitans or Alatus. I can't see the foliage very well, and I believe that would help with the ID.