Second round EU Exchange EX08b Sorting

Started by Uli, April 15, 2024, 07:39:55 AM

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Dear Members living in the EU,
The second round of the EU Exchange will soon go online. The donation is still open but will close in due course, closure will be announced through the same channels. If you still have something to donate to your fellow gardeners, please get in touch with Martin directly to let him know. <>
Once all the donations have arrived, Martin will put the list online and you will be informed through the same channels.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have questions

Happy gardening
Algarve, Portugal
350m elevation, frost free
Mediterranean Climate

Martin Bohnet

Dear Members living in the EU!

The second  round of this year's spring exchange (EX08b) is now open for orders. The time window for ordering will close on April 28th at 24:00 Central European Time.
Every fully paid member of the PBS with a postal address in the EU can order from the seeds and bulbs on offer. You do not need to be a donor to be entitled to order. There is no limit of how many positions from the list you can request, but you are only allocated one portion of each item. Please refrain from ordering "one of each" of the offerings. You can still join the PBS if you are tempted....

Please send your request by e-mail directly to Martin Bohnet, who is the director of the EU Bulb and Seed Exchange. Please do NOT send your request to the forum or the email list, these requests cannot be served. Please make sure you do not use the reply button when sending your request.

Martin's e-mail:


Orders will be accepted during the three day time window after the list went online, closure will be announced in the forum. Distribution will then be at random so that everybody has the same chance to get the rare items in short supply.

Each portion of seed will be charged 2 US $, each portion of bulbs will be 3 US $. For very big/heavy/rare bulbs this may be doubled. Postage will be added at cost, converted into US $. Leftovers from the last two exchanges are also offered at a reduced price of 1 $ per package.

Payment for items from the EU-BX can only be made by PayPal in US Dollars to the PayPal account of the Pacific Bulb Society. Please make sure that the PBS receives the amount due in US Dollars. Please go to the bottom of the Bulb Exchange page and fill in the details and continue. It guides you directly on to your PayPal account. No cheques or credit cards can be accepted. Enclosed in the order, every recipient will receive a payment slip showing the details, please wait with any payment until you have received your order.

The next round of EU exchanges will be in fall - Please do not send in materials before we open the donation phase in late summer.

Again, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Uli
Happy growing!

Uli and Martin

New offers for EX08b:

From Martin Bohnet (Bulbs)

EX08_295 Amorphophallus myosuroides
Height: 10-30 cm (0.3-1 ft)
Flower Colors: white
Special: attractive foliage
Life form:  tuber
silver leaf

From Alberto Grossi (seeds)

EX08_296 Eucrosia mirabilis

From Chantal Guiraud (Seeds)

EX08_297 Haemanthus albiflos

From Roland Ludwig: Bulbs

EX08_298 Begonia Sutherlandii Bulbils
EX08_299 Gladiolus dalenii  ,Boone'
EX08_300 Gladiolus saundersii
Flower Colors: red
Climate: summer rain climate
ex A. Naumenko
EX08_301 Habranthus robustus
,Russel Manning'
EX08_302 Kohleria ,Queen olymp'

and seeds:

EX08_303 Freesia laxa

EX08_304 Gladiolus x hortulanus cultivar mix incl. ,,Espresso"

From Giovanni Ravazzani (seeds):

EX08_305 Hippeastrum idimae

From Uli Urban (all bulbs:)

EX08_306 Achimenes dulcis
Flower Colors: white, yellow
Special: fragrant
Life form:  rhizome
Climate: summer rain climate

EX08_307 Achimenes grandiflora
Flower Colors: purple
Life form:  rhizome
Climate: summer rain climate

EX08_308 Achimenes heterophylla
EX08_309 Achimenes longiflora
EX08_310 Achimenes ,,Pulcherrima"
EX08_311 Achimenes ,,Tetra Verschaffelt"
EX08_312 Amorphophallus atroviridis
EX08_313 Amorphophallus linearis
EX08_314 Dioscorea discolor

EX08_315 Eucodonia ,,Cecilia"
EX08_316 Eucodonia ,,Maike"
EX08_317 Eucodonia spec blue flowers
EX08_318 Kohleria ,,Strawberry fields"
EX08_319 Kohleria warszewiczii
Offsets, rooting
EX08_320 Oxalis stipularis / Decaphylla
EX08_321 Sauromatum horsefieldii
EX08_322 Seemannia gymnostoma U33
EX08_323 Seemannia purpurascens
EX08_324 Sinningia speciosa ,,Carangola"
EX08_325 Spathantheum orbignyanum
EX08_326 xAchimannia ,,Ohio's Never say never"
EX08_327 xAchimannia ,,Ohio's Pumpkin"
EX08_328 xGloximannia ,,She's dancing"
EX08_329 xSmithicodonia ,,Heartland's Joy"
EX08_330 xSmithicodonia ,,RF's Grandiosa"

From Jan-Willem Vos / Château Pérouse: Bulbs ( !Winter growers! ) with the usual delay due direct order

EX08_331 Babiana ecklonii

EX08_332 Babiana fragrans

EX08_333 Babiana inclinata

EX08_334 Babiana lineolata
ex Cedarberg
EX08_335 Babiana lineolata
ex Porterville
EX08_336 Babiana nana
ssp nana
EX08_337 Babiana purpurea

EX08_338 Babiana tubaeformis
EX08_339 Babiana tubulosa

EX08_340 Ferraria schaeferi
Flower Colors: yellow, brown, patterned
Special: fragrant
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_341 Ferraria variabilis
Flower Colors: yellow, green, brown, patterned
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_342 Freesia leichtlinii ssp alba
EX08_343 Lachenalia aloides

EX08_344 Lachenalia arbuthnotiae

EX08_345 Lachenalia bachmannii

EX08_346 Lachenalia contaminata

EX08_347 Lachenalia liliflora

EX08_348 Lachenalia marginata ssp neglecta
EX08_349 Lachenalia multifolia

EX08_350 Lachenalia orthopetala

EX08_351 Lachenalia pallida

EX08_352 Lachenalia paucifolia

EX08_353 Lachenalia pygmaea

EX08_354 Lachenalia stayneri
EX08_355 Lachenalia wrightii
EX08_356 Moraea flaccida

EX08_357 Romulea clusiana

EX08_358 Romulea obscura

EX08_359 Scilla litardierei

and Seeds:

EX08_360 Chlorophytum bowkeri

EX08_361 Narcissus fernandesii

and from Wylie Young: Bulbs

EX08_362 Paramongaia weberbaueri

and seeds:

EX08_363 Hippeastrum Cybister ,Evergreen' x papillio

Still available from EX08 round 1 at full price (please find the donator attribution in the old topic):


EX08_006 Gladiolus ,,David Hills" (papillio-based red)
EX08_032 Sinningia tubiflora

EX08_038 Nymphaea hyb. ,,Texas shell pink"

and seeds:

EX08_008 Arisaema consanguineum

EX08_009 Barnardia japonica

EX08_010 Bomarea edulis

EX08_012 Eucomis zambesiaca

EX08_016 Albuca setosa
Flower Colors: white, green, brown, yellow
Life form:  bulb

EX08_017 Allium cernuum
Flower Colors: pink, white
Flower Season: early summer to mid summer

EX08_018 Allium flavum ssp tauricum
EX08_019 Allium nutans

EX08_020 Barnardia japonica

EX08_021 Galtonia viridiflora

EX08_023 Hesperantha baurii

EX08_025 Iris domestica
EX08_026 Ornithogalum graminifolium

EX08_027 Sisyrinchium angustifolium
EX08_034 Crocosmia mix of ,Anna Marie' and ,Yellow Emberglow
EX08_039 Albuca aurea
Flower Colors: yellow, green

EX08_040 Albuca pulchra

EX08_041 Albuca spec Grahamstown
EX08_042 Clivia miniata
  Belgian strain large leaf'
EX08_043 Clivia miniata
heirloom narrow leaf
EX08_046 Cyrtanthus montanus

EX08_047 Dahlia excelsa
EX08_048 Datura wrightii
EX08_049 Ennealophus fimbriatus

EX08_051 Iris laevigata
dark purple
EX08_052 Lilium longiflorum
Hyb. ,,white triumphator"
EX08_053 Lilium philippinense

EX08_054 Lilium pumilum

EX08_057 Cobaea scandens
EX08_058 Habranthus robustus

EX08_060 Silene undulata (syn. capensis)
EX08_061 Zephyranthes primulina

This time around, we  offer the seed catalogue Jan-Willem Vos from Château Pérouse for a second time. These items will be packed according to your orders and then sent to Martin. This may delay your delivery by a few extra days.

EX08_065 Albuca aurea
Flower Colors: yellow, green

EX08_066 Albuca spiralis

EX08_067 Allium amplectens
Flower Colors: white, pink
Flower Season: mid spring
Life form:  bulb

EX08_068 Allium coloratum
EX08_069 Allium eriocoleum
EX08_070 Allium lusitanicum
EX08_071 Allium pallens
EX08_072 Allium ramosum

EX08_073 Allium roborowskianum
EX08_074 Allium schoenoprasum

EX08_075 Allium sphaerocephalon ssp arvense
EX08_076 Allium subhirsutum

EX08_077 Allium tuberosum
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: white
Flower Season: mid summer to late summer
Special: edible leaves

EX08_078 Babiana ambigua

EX08_079 Babiana angustifolia

EX08_080 Babiana blanda

EX08_081 Babiana cuneata

EX08_082 Babiana dregei

EX08_083 Babiana ecklonii

EX08_084 Babiana fourcadei
EX08_085 Babiana fragrans

EX08_086 Babiana framesii

EX08_087 Babiana hirsuta

EX08_088 Babiana inclinata
ex Porterville
EX08_089 Babiana inclinata
ex Hermon
EX08_090 Babiana karooica

EX08_091 Babiana lineolata
ex porterville
EX08_092 Babiana lineolata
ex cedarberg
EX08_093 Babiana melanops

EX08_094 Babiana mucronata
ssp minor
EX08_095 Babiana mucronata
ssp mucronata
EX08_096 Babiana nana
ssp nana
EX08_097 Babiana nervosa
EX08_098 Babiana noctiflora

EX08_099 Babiana patersoniae

EX08_100 Babiana patula

EX08_101 Babiana praemorsa

EX08_102 Babiana purpurea

EX08_103 Babiana pygmaea

EX08_104 Babiana ringens

EX08_105 Babiana rubrocyanea

EX08_106 Babiana sambucina

EX08_107 Babiana scariosa

EX08_109 Babiana spathacea

EX08_110 Babiana tanquana

EX08_111 Babiana tubiflora

EX08_113 Babiana vanzijliae

EX08_114 Babiana villosa

EX08_115 Babiana villosula
ex Brackenfell
EX08_116 Babiana villosula
ex Stellenbosch
EX08_117 Bellevalia dubia

EX08_118 Bellevalia longistyla

EX08_119 Bellevalia romana

EX08_120 Beschorneria septentrionalis
EX08_121 Chasmanthe aethiopica

EX08_122 Chasmanthe bicolor

EX08_123 Colchicum psammophilum
EX08_124 Crocus angustifolius

EX08_125 Crocus clusii
EX08_126 Crocus goulimyi

EX08_128 Dierama pulcherrimum

EX08_129 Freesia caryophyllacea

EX08_130 Freesia fucata

EX08_132 Freesia leichtlinii

EX08_133 Freesia leichtlinii ssp alba
EX08_135 Freesia viridis

EX08_136 Fritillaria persica

EX08_137 Geissorhiza aspera

EX08_138 Gladiolus arcuatus
Flower Colors: pink, purple
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_139 Gladiolus carinatus
Flower Colors: yellow, purple, blue
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_140 Gladiolus floribundus
Flower Colors: white, pink
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_141 Gladiolus huttonii
Flower Colors: red, orange
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_142 Gladiolus illyricus
Flower Colors: purple

EX08_143 Gladiolus italicus
Flower Colors: purple, white

EX08_144 Gladiolus liliaceus
Flower Colors: yellow, pink, purple
Life form:  corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_145 Gladiolus longicollis
Flower Colors: white, yellow
Life form:  corm
Climate: summer rain climate

EX08_146 Gladiolus quadrangularis
Flower Colors: red, orange
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_147 Gladiolus splendens
Flower Colors: red
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_148 Gladiolus tristis
Height: 45-80 cm (1.5-2.6 ft)
Flower Colors: white, yellow
Flower Season: early spring to mid spring
Life form: deciduous corm
Climate: winter rain climate, USDA Zone 8-9

EX08_149 Gladiolus undulatus
Flower Colors: white, pink
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_150 Gladiolus venustus
Flower Colors: pink, purple, yellow
Climate: winter rain climate

EX08_151 Herbertia pulchella

EX08_152 Hesperaloe parviflora
EX08_153 Hesperantha bachmannii

EX08_154 Hesperantha luticola

EX08_155 Hesperantha oligantha

EX08_156 Hesperantha pilosa

EX08_157 Hesperoyucca whipplei
EX08_158 Hyacinthoides reverchonii

EX08_159 Iris domestica
EX08_161 Iris milesii
EX08_163 Iris pseudacorus

EX08_164 Iris spuria

EX08_165 Ixia contorta

EX08_166 Ixia orientalis

EX08_167 Ixia polystachya

EX08_168 Ixia polystachya var lutea
EX08_170 Ixia ramulosa
ex Kamiesberg
EX08_171 Ixia thomasiae

EX08_172 Ixia trifolia

EX08_174 Lachenalia algoensis

EX08_175 Lachenalia anguinea

EX08_176 Lachenalia arbuthnotiae

EX08_177 Lachenalia bachmannii

EX08_178 Lachenalia calcicola
EX08_179 Lachenalia carnosa

EX08_180 Lachenalia congesta

EX08_181 Lachenalia contaminata

EX08_183 Lachenalia ensifolia
ex Willemsrivier
EX08_184 Lachenalia flava

EX08_185 Lachenalia haarlemensis

EX08_186 Lachenalia judithiae
EX08_187 Lachenalia kliprandensis

EX08_188 Lachenalia liliiflora
EX08_189 Lachenalia lutea

EX08_190 Lachenalia marginata
ssp neglecta
EX08_191 Lachenalia mathewsii

EX08_192 Lachenalia membranacea

EX08_193 Lachenalia multifolia

EX08_194 Lachenalia mutabilis

EX08_195 Lachenalia orthopetala

EX08_196 Lachenalia pallida

EX08_197 Lachenalia purpureocaerulea

EX08_198 Lachenalia pygmaea

EX08_199 Lachenalia reflexa

EX08_200 Lachenalia splendida

EX08_201 Lachenalia stayneri
EX08_202 Lachenalia summerfieldii

EX08_203 Lachenalia thomasiae

EX08_204 Lachenalia trichophylla

EX08_205 Lachenalia unifolia

EX08_206 Lachenalia ventricosa

EX08_207 Lachenalia violacea

EX08_208 Lachenalia whitehillensis

EX08_209 Lachenalia wrightii
EX08_210 Lachenalia zeyheri

EX08_211 Lapeirousia divaricata

EX08_212 Lapeirousia pyramidalis

EX08_213 Leucocoryne purpurea

EX08_215 Libertia chilensis
EX08_216 Lilium candidum

EX08_217 Massonia pustulata

EX08_218 Moraea bipartita

EX08_219 Moraea britteniae

EX08_220 Moraea bulbillifera

EX08_221 Moraea collina

EX08_222 Moraea comptonii

EX08_223 Moraea cookii

EX08_224 Moraea flaccida

EX08_225 Moraea fugax

EX08_226 Moraea gigandra

EX08_227 Moraea longifolia

EX08_228 Moraea miniata

EX08_229 Moraea pendula

EX08_230 Moraea polystachya

EX08_231 Moraea sisyrinchium

EX08_232 Moraea vegeta

EX08_233 Muscari caucasicum
EX08_234 Muscari inconstrictum

EX08_236 Muscari neglectum
ex Col de la Porte
EX08_237 Muscari weissii
EX08_238 Narcissus dubius

EX08_242 Ornithogalum dictaeum
EX08_243 Paradisea lusitanica

EX08_244 Romulea albiflora

EX08_245 Romulea austinii

EX08_246 Romulea bulbocodium var crocea
EX08_247 Romulea clusiana

EX08_249 Romulea diversiformis

EX08_250 Romulea engleri

EX08_251 Romulea eximia

EX08_252 Romulea flava

EX08_253 Romulea gigantea

EX08_254 Romulea hirta

EX08_255 Romulea leipoldtii

EX08_256 Romulea ligustica

EX08_257 Romulea longipes

EX08_258 Romulea monadelpha

EX08_259 Romulea multisulcata

EX08_260 Romulea rosea var australis
EX08_261 Romulea rosea var rosea ex Kouebokkeveld
EX08_264 Romulea tabularis

EX08_265 Romulea tetragona

EX08_267 Sisyrinchium idahoense
EX08_268 Sisyrinchium striatum

EX08_269 Sparaxis bulbifera

EX08_270 Sparaxis elegans

EX08_271 Sparaxis fragrans

EX08_272 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp acutiloba ex Citrusdal
EX08_273 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp acutiloba ex Piketberg
EX08_274 Sparaxis grandiflora ssp violacea
EX08_276 Sparaxis parviflora

EX08_277 Sparaxis pillansii

EX08_279 Sparaxis tricolor
ex Clanwilliam
EX08_280 Triteleia peduncularis

EX08_281 Tritonia crocata

EX08_282 Tritonia deusta

EX08_283 Tritonia squalida
ex Riversdale
EX08_285 Tulbaghia violacea

EX08_287 Tulipa ferganica

EX08_288 Tulipa sprengeri

EX08_289 Tulipa x tschimganica
EX08_290 Veltheimia bracteata

EX08_291 Watsonia angusta

EX08_292 Watsonia coccinea

EX08_293 Zephyranthes brachyandra
EX08_294 Zephyranthes citrina

Leftovers from the EX07 (Fall exchange 2023), offered at 1$ per portion. All seeds.

EX07_006 Camassia leichtlinii

EX07_007 Commelina tuberosa

EX07_008 Delphinium semibarbatum
EX07_009 Gladiolus palustris
Height: 30-60 cm (1-2 ft)
Flower Colors: purple, white
Flower Season: early summer
Life form: deciduous corm

EX07_011 Melasphaerula graminea

EX07_012 Moraea marlothii

EX07_013 Paradisea lusitanica

EX07_015 Iris sicula

EX07_017 Aristolochia steupii
Flower Colors: yellow, patterned

EX07_022 Fritillaria sewerzowii
,,green eyes"
EX07_023 Lilium pumilum

EX07_058 Albuca shawii
Flower Colors: yellow

EX07_068 Smilax aspera balearicum
EX07_142 Albuca nelsonii
Flower Colors: white, green
Life form:  bulb

EX07_143 Albuca fragrans
EX07_144 Albuca spec,  Grahamstown, bright yellow upright flow. 50cm From microwaved pollen
EX07_147 Calochortus spec.  Santa Monica Range, King Gilette R
EX07_151 Ferraria divaricata araneosa
EX07_152 Freesia Hybr. Ex Red Passion, open pollinated
EX07_153 Gladiolus alatus
Flower Colors: orange, white, yellow
Life form:  corm
Climate: winter rain climate

EX07_157 Iris sicula

EX07_158 Ixia viridiflora

EX07_159 Lachenalia matthewsii open pollinated
EX07_160 Manfreda maculata

EX07_161 Narcissus triandrus

EX07_162 Ornithogalum ceresianum
black centre
EX07_163 Ornithogalum fimbrimarginatum

EX07_164 Ornithogalum pruinosum

EX07_166 Primula hendersonii
(was Dodecatheon)
EX07_167 Ranunculus cortusifolius
EX07_168 Romulea clusiana
, ex Oron Peri
EX07_169 Sparaxis roxburgii open pollinated
EX07_170 Sparaxis tricolor
, open pollinated
EX07_172 Veltheimia bracteata

EX07_173 Watsonia marginata

EX07_179 Allium triquetrum

EX07_180 Chasmanthe aethiopica

EX07_181 Gladiolus italicus
Flower Colors: purple, white

EX07_511 Iris tingitans
EX07_513 Iris xanthospuria
EX07_517 Iris spuria
reds & oranges
EX07_518 Vincetoxicum hirundinaria
EX07_530 Colchicum lusitanum

EX07_532 Narcissus coronatus (ex pallidulus) (syn of N. hispanicus?)
EX07_533 Narcissus dubius
Molina de Segura – Spain
EX07_534 Narcissus gaditanus
  - Casabermeja, Málaga, Spain
EX07_536 Narcissus longispathus
  - Cuenca, Spain
EX07_540 Zephyranthes drummondii

EX07_552 Crocosmia ,Yellow Emberglow'
EX07_553 Habranthus robustus
,Russell Manning'
EX07_554 Mirabilis jalapa
Height: 60-100 cm (2-3.3 ft)
Flower Colors: white, red, yellow, pink, patterned
Flower Season: mid summer to late summer
Special: flowers first year from seed
Life form: deciduous thick roots
, flower pinkish red
EX07_559 Albuca spec ex Koehres
EX07_562 Tulipa batalinii
Charm op
EX07_563 Tulipa dubia Beldersai op
EX07_567 Tulipa tarda dasystemon op
EX07_568 Tulipa tarda Little Star op
EX07_569 Tulipa tarda
EX07_570 Tulipa tarda Tity's Star op
EX07_571 Tulipa urumiensis
EX07_572 Tulipa vvedenskyi
Leonora op
EX07_577 Aristea ecklonii

EX07_578 Dracunculus vulgaris
EX07_579 Eremurus himalaicus

EX07_580 Hymenosporum flavum

and finally, left over from EX06, 2023 spring exchange, again all seed at 1$ per portion - LAST time offered:

EX06_012 Agapanthus spec.,light blue / whitish
EX06_014 Albuca humilis

EX06_015 Albuca setosa
Flower Colors: white, green, brown, yellow
Life form:  bulb

EX06_016 Albuca tenuifolia
EX06_017 Allium cernuum
Flower Colors: pink, white
Flower Season: early summer to mid summer

EX06_018 Allium cyathophorum
var. farrerii
EX06_020 Anthericum ramosum

EX06_021 Dietes iridioides

EX06_022 Dipcadi serotinum

EX06_023 Ornithogalum balansae

EX06_024 Ornithogalum saundersii
EX06_025 Tulbaghia maritima
EX06_027 Allium acutiflorum
Height: 30-45 cm (1-1.5 ft)
Flower Colors: pink
Flower Season: late spring to early summer
(ex Antibes)
EX06_028 Allium christophii
EX06_033 Iris x pacifica cultivar mix
EX06_036 Tulipa clusiana

EX06_037 Tulipa kaufmanniana
cv ,Gracija'
EX06_039 Lilium pumilum

EX06_043 Tropaeolum hookerianum

EX06_045 Albuca nelsonii
Flower Colors: white, green
Life form:  bulb

EX06_046 Albuca pulchra

EX06_047 Arisaema flava
EX06_048 Canna paniculata
EX06_051 Dahlia excelsa
EX06_055 Lilium chalcedonicum
older seed!
EX06_056 Lilium Hybr. 'White Triumphator' open pollinated
EX06_057 Lilium philippinense

EX06_059 Neomarica spec. 1,5, beige and blue
EX06_060 Phalocallis coelestis syn Cypella gigantea
EX06_152 Lachenalia comptonii

EX06_219 Romulea rosea
var rosea

That completes the list! Happy Browsing!
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


A small additional info to my seeds
EX08_303 Freesia laxa
One of my plants of this species behaves as summer-grower, and the seeds are harvested from this plant. Of course, there is no guarantee that the seedlings will behave as summer-growers, too. (Colour is the normal rose with red markings.)
Germany near Leipzig, 7a, 175 m


Some information on my donation:
Amorphophallus linearis has long relatively thin rhizomes which should be planted vertically into deep pots. If the pot is not deep enough they will coil in the bottom or even try to push through the drainage holes which might damage the tuber. This species, like many others can be propagated by leaf cuttings, using not the entire leaf but only a segment of the finely divided leaf.

Dioscorea discolor: The tuber should be started as soon as possible with some bottom heat, otherwise it will take very long to sprout. It is fully dormant in winter and must be kept completely dry but the growing cycle goes well into late autumn/early winter. It is an easy plant and can be grown outdoors during warm weather, partial sun improves leaf coulours. A happy plant becomes quite big in one season, it is a climber which needs something to cling to.

Kohleria warczewiczii: splendid plant, colour combination is very special. Becomes big but can be kept to a managable size by re-starting it from cuttings. No dormancy, produces only very few rhizomes if at all. I sent in cuttings and would appreciate a feed back by those who received it. It is the first time I sent in cuttings and I would like to know if it works for you. This gesneriad is very easy to grow.

Sauromatum horsefieldii: I recommend growing it in a pot because the number of bulbils is enormous. It might become weedy in the right condition.

Spathantheum orbinyanum: large summer growing plant with attractive Acanthus like lush foliage, fully dry dormancy in winter. The flowers appear before the leaves and look like a small leaf on a long stalk. Only when you look under the "leaf! you will recognise a typical Aroid flower. Strange smell.
Algarve, Portugal
350m elevation, frost free
Mediterranean Climate

Martin Bohnet

Packages are on the road, please drop a me a note on arrival - the EX08-Packages seem to have been slow, and at least one seems to be still missing, so please help me monitoring postal performance. let's hope the Bs are faster...
Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Hi, book and seeds arrived, thanks

Carlos Jiménez
Valencia, Spain, zone 10
Dry Thermomediterranean, 450 mm


Hi, seeds of EX08_296 Eucrosia mirabilis are already sending out roots!!

So many thanks to  Alberto Grossi!!

WhatsApp Image 2024-05-17 at 14.18.41.jpg
Carlos Jiménez
Valencia, Spain, zone 10
Dry Thermomediterranean, 450 mm


Those Eucrosia seeds sprouted within 3 days after floating. Guess I used a bottle of holy water instead of water from the tap.