BX 495 Special Offer for South African Bulb Company

Started by Bwosczyna, May 02, 2024, 09:26:01 PM

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Dear All Current US Members:

PBS has an opportunity to order bulbs directly from The South African Bulb Company. This is the company from whom we ordered the wonderful amaryllid book and it went very well.

It is incumbent upon each member ordering to follow the below instructions precisely.

Member Bob Lauf has agreed to use his import permit to place a group order for US members at this time, keeping the matter above-board.  Bob has made orders previously and received his items speedily and in good condition.   We have a short window to make our orders directly through him.  We are exploring if we may be able to work something out for our EU membership at a later date.

We have decided this works best for everyone involved if we approach the order as outlined below. There will be no deviation from this protocol  


1.  Peruse the list attached (if you are reading this from the List, kindly go to the Forum post under the Bulb Exchange section to see the list)

2. Email Bob directly with your order. Include your full name and list of desired bulbs. Be very specific in listing your items.  Bob's email address is boblauf@att.net.  Any orders not sent to Bob directly will not be honored.  Continuity in the ordering is imperative.

3. Bob will send you the total you owe and you must prepay Arnold via Paypal prior to the order being made with South African Bulb Company.  The amount due will include the following: a prorated amount of the phyto certification (which is generally around $25 no matter how big the order will be, so it should be a few dollars for each ordering member), the prorated shipping costs for Bob to receive the bulbs (a group order will help offset these costs as well), the total price of the bulbs you order, the shipping to Atlanta, and the shipping from Atlanta to Bob.  Bob advises the shipping from South Africa usually runs a little less than the price of the bulbs ordered.  So, generally, you can expect your cost to run about double the total amount of the bulbs you are ordering.  As we all know, this is a good deal in that most of these bulbs are not available commercially and if you can find them online, they are very expensive.  

The prices of the items are on the offer list.  Upon Bob's receipt of the bulbs, they will be shipped to me for a normal BX distribution to members. I will include a slip indicating the additional postage you owe for the shipping from me to you. All BX recipients know those charges are inexpensive. Our Stamps account offers very competitive pricing: again, usually just a few dollars. 

You agree when you order and pay that you acknowledge that there is a risk that the bulbs may not be received. It is well-known that all customers take said risk when ordering anything from other countries.  PBS and Bob Lauf assume no liability should the items not make it to the US.  An additional risk is that the plants could be delayed in shipping or may be less than ideal when received.  Neither PBS nor Bob Lauf will make any refunds. We are all assuming this risk together. Bob has had very good experiences with receiving healthy plants quickly.  We are hopeful to have the same with our group order.  

You must be a current member to participate.   

Thank you,
BX Manager and President


Hi Bridget,

A number of the items in the sales list are available in limited quantities.  What is the policy if some items are not available?  Say if I order 5 different items at $10 each and when the order is placed 2 of the items are unavailable.  Would I get a refund of $20 for that?  I am just concerned that I might get only a fraction of what I order but I would paying for everything I tried to order.



If you haven't done so already please send me privately  your preferred contact email address.


The shipment should be here in USA with 10 days to two weeks.

I will notify all those who participated about the amount due for bulbs, shipment to US, phyto documentation and transport form the receiving station in Atlanta to Bob Lauf in TN.

You will receive a note with the amount due when the bulbs are sent to you by Bridget, our BX Director.

Arnold T.
North East USA