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Started by janemcgary, July 15, 2022, 03:05:02 PM

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During the pandemic some plant groups experimented with presenting illustrated talks on Zoom. Our NARGS chapter did this with mostly good results. The programs combined live narration with screen-shared photos. I showed one old talk, one new one, and later did a program on Fritillaria for an Anchorage, Alaska group. Probably more than a few PBS members have similar programs they've prepared for groups. Should PBS offer an occasional online offering of this kind? We would need a coordinator to set  up the Zoom meeting and act as "host." I'm not sure how we could get the invitations to all our members, since few of them seem to be using this forum, and not all are on the email list. It is also an opportunity to see, at least briefly, the faces with whom we've been corresponding, sometimes, for years.