Catch up time

Started by Arnold, October 19, 2022, 09:39:06 AM

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Dear PBS Members

As many of you know we have increased the level of member services the last year to include many more BX and SX offerings.

Our two relatively new Board of director members, Jan and Bridget have done a great job and deserve much credit.

It's a thankless job at times but the rewards  are seen when hard to find seeds and bulbs land in our mail boxes.

I am writing to remind all of those who have enjoyed the distributions.

Please play catch up and pay those outstanding payments and at the same time you can renew your membership for 2023.

Due paid now will qualify for a full 2023 membership

This will avoid the need to send out all those post card reminders.

Hope the coming season is full of flowers for everyone.

If you aren't sure about past payments please write me at:


Treasurer, PBS
Arnold T.
North East USA