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All: Please read this post/email in its entirety prior to ordering so we will have no confusion and your boxes can get out to you quickly. It will make my job a bit easier. You cannot reply to this email or your order may be lost. Please take that into consideration and be sure to send a separate email.

Standard rules apply for this SX:

Kindly review the list below and email me with your request(s) at I will send a simple acknowledgment of your email within 24 hours. Should you not receive a response from me within a day or so, please resend.

Be sure to include your full name and current address.

Seed shares are $2 each.

You must be current in your membership and you must be up-to-date on BX/SX charges. If you are uncertain, feel free to check with Jane McGary or Arnold Trachtenberg.


Orders should be paid upon receipt through the PBS website at:

Please be sure to reference the SX number above (SX 16), as this helps with accounting. You are still free to send payment via check if that is your preference.

Thank you very much to our current donors for your contributions! If there are any spelling errors, please let me know.

1Rimmer de Vries(Sinningia 'wildfire' X S. globulosa) x self) OP, h. 6/22
2Dave & Tammy LinssAlbuca acuminata
3Rimmer de VriesAlbuca circinata ex BX 174, h. 3/24
4Charles HunterAmorphophallus kiusianusSeeds cannot dry out or they will not germinate
5Rimmer de VriesAndrocymbium dregei ex BX 155 #22 Mazer, h 4/24
6Judy McBrideAnomatheca laxa
7Charles HunterArisaema taiwanense
8Mary Sue IttnerBaeometra uniflora
9Christine DoudBearded Iris, Christo Redentor x Punctuation
10Christine DoudBearded Iris, Double Click x Berry Blend
11Christine DoudBearded Iris, eleganza x Big Break (plicata)
12Christine DoudBearded Iris, Hello Romance x Big Break (broken)
13Christine DoudBearded Iris, Obsidian (plicata) x Noid (plicata)
14Christine DoudBearded Iris, Professor x Sorbonne (plicata)
15Christine DoudBearded Iris, unknown parentage
16Christine DoudBearded Iris, unnamed x Iron Eagle
17Mary Sue IttnerBellevalia dubia
18Mary Sue IttnerBellevalia romana
19Christine DoudCamassia cusickii (white, non variegated leaves)
20Christine DoudCamassia Sacajawea (white, variegated leaves)
21Ron MartinolichChasmanthe floribunda
22Arnold TrachtenbergColchicum of mixed types and open pollinated
23Rimmer de VriesCrinum bulbispermum ex JES selected forms, hardy  in Indianapolis, IN
24Rimmer de VriesCyanella orchidiformis - early tall form ex BX 368, h April 2024 (pods)
25Rimmer de VriesCyrtanthus mackenii - butter yellow, ex Telos, h. Feb 24 (2 packets)
26Rimmer de VriesCyrtanthus sanguineus ex BX 339 Monica Swartz, h. 11/23
27Judy McBrideDichelostemma ida-maiaFirecracker flower
28Rimmer de VriesEucrosia aurantica ex BX 405 h Spring 2024
29Dave & Tammy LinssFerraria crispa chocolate
30Dave & Tammy LinssFerraria crispa ssp. nortieri
31Mary Sue IttnerFessia greilhuberi
32Dave & Tammy LinssFreesia laxa red
33Mary Sue IttnerFreesia laxa ssp. azurea
34Mary Sue IttnerFreesia leichtlinii ssp. alba
35Mary Sue IttnerGeissorhiza inflexa
36Dave & Tammy LinssGladiolus tristis
37Ron MartinolichGossypium speciesCotton seed
38Rimmer de VriesHabranthus robusta ex BX, h 6/2024
39Dave & Tammy LinssHabranthus robustus 'Russell Manning'
40Dave & Tammy LinssHabranthus tubispathus Gold
41Mike LowitzHesperocallis undulata
42James HenrichHesperoxiphion peruvianum ex Annie's Annuals
43Rimmer de VriesHippeastrelia X Sprecklia howardii- h 6/2024 if  seedlings have 1/2" wide leaves then it was a self, if they have  1/4" wide leaves then it is a cross
44Rimmer de VriesHippeastrum striatum Saltao BX (SX) 436 from Brazil Plants, h. 4/23
45Mary Sue IttnerHyacinthoides mauritanica
46Rimmer de VriesHymenocallis aff. guerrorensis, ex Guerro, MX N  of Chilpancingo, Thad Howard Coll 1984
47Rimmer de VriesHymenocallis aff. phalandis, ex Tepic, MX 7000'  h 6/2024
48Judy McBrideIris foetidissima
49Rimmer de VriesLachenalia ensifolia maughanii, Nieuwoudtville, h. 3/24
50Rimmer de VriesLachenalia mediana ex NBH406, ex Nhu N, h 6/  2024
51Arnold TrachtenbergLachenalia nervosa
52Bob LaufLachenalia pusilla
53Arnold TrachtenbergLachenalia pygmaea (OP)
54Bob LaufLachenalia trichophylla (long hair form)
55Arnold TrachtenbergLachenlia ensifolia (OP)
56Rimmer de VriesLedebouria concolor, h 6/ 2024
57Rimmer de VriesLeopoldia sp 15" tall late muscari type,  lost ID, h 6. 2024
58Mike LowitzMassonia pustulata
59Judy McBrideMoraea collina
60Linda Press WulfMoraea huttonii
61Dave & Tammy LinssMoraea polyanthos
62Leo Martin Moraea speciosa
63Mary Sue IttnerMuscari macrocarpum
64Rimmer de VriesNarcissus serontinus ex Rhonda Spain, h. 11/23
65Mary Sue IttnerNothoscordum montevidense
66Mike LowitzPapavar orientale (orange)Orange poppy
67Rimmer de VriesPelargonium incrassatum- magenta, h 3/23
68Rimmer de VriesPelargonium incrassatum- pink, h 3/22
69Rimmer de VriesPelargonium quinquelobatum, h. late Su 23
70Rimmer de VriesPolyxena pygmaea alba ex. Koppie Alleen, De Hoop ex Paul Cumbleton, h. 3/24
71Rimmer de VriesScilla latifolia Canary Islands. Garden origin seed collected by Uli Urban donated in SX3, h. Feb-Mar 2024
72Arnold TrachtenbergScilla madeirensis
73Rimmer de VriesSinninga micans ex Hannon, h 4.24 (and inside packet h. 4/23)
74Rimmer de VriesSinningia aghensis
75Rimmer de VriesSinningia eumorphia, h. 2/21
76Rimmer de VriesSinningia insularis, h. 5/22
77Rimmer de VriesSinningia irae, h. 6/22
78Rimmer de VriesSinningia leucotricha, h. 5/22
79Rimmer de VriesSinningia nivalis, h. 5/22
80Rimmer de VriesSinningia piresiana x S. nivalis, h. 2021
81Rimmer de VriesSinningia 'Scarlet O' Hara', op h. 7/21
82Linda Press WulfSparaxis mixed
83Dave & Tammy LinssSparaxis villosa
84Dave & Tammy LinssSparaxis, pink and white
85Charles HunterTrillium cuneatum Seeds cannot dry out or they will not germinate
86Dave & Tammy LinssTritonia deusta
87Mary Sue IttnerTulipa clusiana (from yellow flowered forms)
88Arnold TrachtenbergVeltheimia bracteata
89Rimmer de VriesZephyranthes dichromata, pale yellow with rosy  reverse, some mixed with primulina ex BX Ina Crossley seed, h 6/2024
90Rimmer de VriesZephyranthes drumondii, early white ,ex JES  seed, h 6/2024
91Rimmer de VriesZephyranthes 'Pink Beauty' ex BX Ina Crossley  Seed, h 6/2024
92Rimmer de VriesZephyranthes primulina ex BX Ina Crossley seed,  h 6/2024
93Rimmer de VriesZephyranthes shandsii ex BX 462 JES seed h  6/2024
94Rimmer de VriesZephyranthes Sunset Strain, ex BX Ina Crosley  seed, h 6/2024
Best regards,


Here are more details on my submissions:

21  Chasmanthe floribunda - yellow flowered version, open pollinated

37  Gossypium species - cotton seed - not at all an attractive plant, but interesting to grow once, to see:  how difficult it is to remove the cotton from its protective covering (the boll) with its sharp edges;  how dense the resulting ball of cotton is;  how difficult it is to remove the seeds from the cotton, hence the need for the cotton gin.  A history lesson in one plant.  Plant in ground in late spring (does not like cold).


Thanks Ron, I will email in private.

Best regards,