Naked ladies: light pink & deep pink selections

Roy M. Sachs
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 15:54:46 PDT
Could there be an environmental influence on pigmentation in A. belladonna?

I thought that nearly all of the ones that have bloomed in Davis, and 
are still doing so, came from one population at UCDavis. Those in 
bloom now, in shaded locations in Davis are dark pink, as are those 
at the Russian River location. They fit the description given by 
Diana Chapman for the most common A. belladonna, that Bill the Bulb 
Baron says may be from Spanish Mission days.

Some of mine that bloomed in a greenhouse in July, when temps ranged 
up to 47C (116 F), were very light pink with darker, but not real 
dark, tepal tips.

Temperature-dependent fading of color is quite common in the 
alstroemeria that I grow, and hence I thought that might be the case 
in the A. belladonnas, too.

I could post an image I guess, but that wouldn't answer the question to do the experiment

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