Merenderas and manners

J.E. Shields
Thu, 01 Aug 2002 06:46:00 PDT
Good morning all!

Frosty mornings?  Paul, I long for a frosty morning.  We cancelled work in 
the garden today as I feared that even a gang of sturdy teenagers would not 
survive the heat and humidity coming today (93 deg F, ca. 34 deg C).

I planted a few bulbs of Bulbocodium vernum and Merendera sobolifera 
outdoors last November.  Both survived the winter; the Bulbocodium bloomed 
in spring, while the Merendera sent up a few leaves in spring.  The 
Merendera was planted in the new rock garden.

I don't see usually seeds on my Colchicum here.  I did find a pod on C. 
'Antaris' a year ago, and planted the seeds.  Nothing happened so far, and 
the pot has been tossed.

We need to keep our sense of humor alive, and remember that nuances that soften discussions face to face or even over the telephone are lost in e-mail.  Be cool, be friends, don't wear your ego on your shirtsleeve.

Best wishes to all,

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