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Kevin D. Preuss hyline@tampabay.rr.com
Wed, 14 Aug 2002 09:34:48 PDT
Dear Joyce,

As a taxonomist/sytematist it is laborious.  Changes are constant. For
example, I am trying to get a hold on the species of Hymenocallis just in
the US and have come into several barriers. Imagine those folks in the
orchids or asters where there are thousands of species. It takes a lot of
time and effort.
Most of the literature is primarily obtained university libraries (and many
botanical institutions and gardens). But, eventually with the assistance of
so many generous souls, such as yourself, who freely exchange bulbs & info.
and publications in our journals and bulletins and even forums; all can and
do contribute greatly.

Taxonomists  - We are like ants, each with a specific task to do (be it a
entire family, a genus or  a group within a large genus or even one
Horticulturists, such as we all are, grow the bulbs.
Too many taxonomists are not horticulturists (Probably 'cause they have
their nose in journals, reading and writing, which is good , too!

Have a good day all -
Kevin Preuss
St. Pete, FL

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