Years from seed to flower - one year or less

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 13:47:01 PDT
Dear All,

I've looked through my data base and have my candidates for one year or 
less. I'll have a lot more for 1-2 years which we can perhaps do in a 
couple of weeks. It took me awhile to look through everything.

For Diane (with much thanks for doing this) I live in wet Northern 
California so that limits my sunlight.

Cardamine californica- 1-2 mos. to germinate
Delphinium menziesii- 2 mos to germinate
(This one is tuberous, I could include quite a few others if we allowed 
fibrous rootstocks)
Freesia grandiflora- 2 mos. to germinate
Freesia laxa- 3 mos. to germinate, but this probably depends on when you 
start it
Oxalis sp. CMW 4199- less than a month to germinate
Oxalis (misnamed but I think it is carnosa)-1 month to germinate
Tulbaghia galpinii-less than a month to germinate, 11 months to bloom from 

Quite a few other people have had similar results with Freesia laxa 
(remember Jim when we grew seeds we thought were Laperiousa divaricata that 
turned out to be F. laxa)?

My friend Jana Ulmer in Northern California got Ixia polystachya to bloom 
in one year or less too, although it will be on my 1-2 year list.

Mary Sue 

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