Updates to web site (cross-posted)

John Lonsdale john@johnlonsdale.net
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 14:09:34 PDT
With apologies to those who receive this more than once, I have just uploaded an update to my web site (http://www.johnlonsdale.net/).  This included many more Allium images, some Brodiaea and Triteleia (not including correction of some names - to be done shortly), Cypripedium kentuckiense (showing many variations in pouch and sepal color and form), Spigelia marilandica, Cyclamen purpurascens leaf forms, a couple of Lilium sp., a number of general garden views and, last but not least, some shots of our Bulb Protection Corps.  The garden views can be found in a separate gallery by following "The Garden" links.  Arisaema is back where it belongs.

The next major update will be a couple of months away !  
Dr John T Lonsdale 
Zone 6b

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